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Units and Associations

The Victorian Military Society
The 80th Foot - Staffordshire Regiment
17th Lancers: Soldiers
The Royal Regiment of Wales - 24th Foot
1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards


Impi - A Zulu Regiment
War Leaders

Rorke's Drift 1879 Lt Gonville Bromhead VC
John Rouse Merriott Chard
Lieutenant John R. Merlot Chard,V.C. RE - Lecture at Millfield School
Lieutenant John Chard,V.C. RE
Colonel Anthony W. Durnford
Anthony Durnford British Commander
Col.Durnford, Royal Engineers Life History.
Henry Pulleine British Commander
Evelyn Wood (British army officer)
John Dunn - The White Chief of Zululand
Lieut. Gen. Sir Charles Knight Pearson
Lieutenant-General Sir Drury Curzon Drury-Lowe - Battle of Ulundi
Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien


Baron Chelmsford
Major General Lord Chelmsford
Lt-General Lord Chelmsford

Cetshwayo - Zulu Chief
Ntshingwayo Khoza Zulu Commander
Shaka Zulu

Medals and Uniforms
Victoria Cross medal
Victoria Cross

Wrong men' given VCs at Rorke's Drift
List of Zulu War Victoria Cross recipients
Rourkes Drift - The Highest Number of VCs Awarded
Zulu VC
Victoria Cross awarded to John Williams
Victoria Cross medal awarded to Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead, 1879
John Williams VC was one of the defenders at Rorke's Drift in 1879.
Evan Jones (1859-1931), from Ebbw Vale, a survivor of Rorke's Drift
The 11 Victoria Cross Recipients Citations
Victoria Cross Winners
Victoria Crosses of the Zulu Wars and South Africa 1877 - 1881 - Photos
Two VCs were won by men of the 80th Foot
Dragoon Guard, Troopers Jacket Zulu War 1879

Sergeant William Wilson Allen, VC
William Wilson Allen
Private Frederick Hitch VC
Fred Hitch's Victoria Cross
John Williams VC
Lt Gonville Bromhead VC

The South Africa Medal

The Medals of the Zulu War
The South African Medal 1877-79 to Mr Robert Kincade
South Africa Medal 1877 - 1879 Zulu and Basuto Wars
South Africa 1877-9, Private Evan Jones, 2nd Battalion 24th Foot
Zulu War Medal
Private Evan Jones - His campaign medal, South Africa 1877-9
The Rare Clasps to the South Africa Medal 1877-79
The Fitzwilliam Museum - South Africa medals

Memorials and Museums

Isandlwana Monument
Memorials and Headstones
Talana Museum
Museums of the Royal Regiment of Wales (24th/41st)


Zulu War 1879 Memorials &Headstones
WW Allan VC Rorke's Drift Defender
Parade passes without a Hitch Pte F. Hitch
Private Henry Hook VC


Preserving History

24th Foot Reenactors
24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot
2/24th Foot
The Diehards - 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment - Re-enactment Group
Anglo-Zulu War Group - Usuthu
Anglo Zulu War Historical Society
The Anglo Zulu War Research Society
Anglo Zulu War Historical Society
17th Lancers - Victorian cavalry
The 1879 Group - 24th foot, Royal Engineers, Army Surgeon, etc
The 80th Regiment of Foot Staffordshire Volunteers - A living history group
The Bluejackets - Re-enacting the Royal Navy 1879 to 1919

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