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The First World War - To Arms part 1/6

First World War
Encyclopedia: World War I
Eye Witness to History
World War 1 Website
WWI History
World War I Wikipedia
The First World War
World War 1
First World War
The American Expeditionary Forces - WW1 Units
The Great War

Encyclopedia of WWI
Theatres of War
World War One Battlefields
The Old Front Line
Great War Military History
BBC - History - World War One
World War One
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World War One Links
World War I Yahoo links
U.S. Participation in World War One
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WWI links
World War One
World War I - Wikipedia
World War One 1914 - 1918
The War To End All Wars
Old Front Line - WW1 Battlefields

Personal Accounts

Eyewitness accounts
Harry's World War 1
British Soldier History
Five Months at Anzac - Medical Officer AIF
Battlefields on The Western Front
Memoirs & Diaries: Evacuation of Suvla Bay

Veterans Research

World War One Personal Records
The Great War Association
Great War Index Officers and Men of WW1
Western Front Association - U.S. Branch
The First World War History & Genealogy
Royal British Legion

Tanks and World War One

Australia and New Zealand

First World War 1914 - 1918 Australia
Australia in WWI
Australian War Memorial
South Australians at War - World War On
Hellfire Corner - info
History - WW1
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Anzac Day - a guide for New Zealanders
Significance of Anzac Day - Australia
ANZAC Memories


Canada and World War I
Canada and the Great War
Canada and World War I

The First World War Canada

Other Countries

WW1 and the Formation of Yugoslavia
Italy and World War One


Multiple-Choice Questions
Spying during World War One
Trenches on the Web - The History - World War One
Thirty Thousand Women Were There
Great War Abbreviations
World War One Glossary
Thirty Thousand Women Were There
Tactics: German Artillery
First World War: Strategy and Tactics
Chemical Warfare in World War I: The American Experience, 1917 - 1918
Historical Battle Guide useful website for planning battlefield visits
Shot at Dawn - Military Executions First World War
Women in World War One

Songs and Poetry

Some Hit Tunes Of WW1 - Circa 1914-1918
Introduction to WWI Poetry
World War I Poetry
Counter-Attack: Biography of Siegfried Sassoon
On Passing the New Menin Gate War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon
Songs of the First World War

Leeds Council Casualties, WW1.

Strategy and tactics

Change in German tactical doctrine during the first world war - Detailed


Land Warfare

WW1 Battlefields

Western Front


The First Battle of Ypres
WWI Australian Battlefields
Second Battle of Ypes
Battles: The Third Battle of Ypres, 1917
Battle of Passchendaele

Battle of Verdun: 21 Feb 1916 - July 1916
Battle of Verdun

World War One, Somme
The Somme Battle 1916
The Somme

The Battle of the Somme film

Battle of the Marne: 6-10 September 1914
World War One The Vimy Ridge Attack

Battles - The Gallipoli Front
Battle of Gallipoli - Wikipedia
Kitchener's & Hamilton's Reports on Gallipoli

Eastern Front

Battle of Tannenberg: 26-30 August 1914
Battles - The Eastern Front

Middle East

Battle of Gallipoli
Anzac: the first phase
Anzac: from 4 May, 1915 to the evacuation
The Gallipoli Campaign - Turkish site
The New Zealanders at Gallipoli
Guide to Gallipoli. Plus interactive panoramas
Royal Engineers and the Gallipoli Expedition
The Anzac Story
Gallipoli Campaign WW1 ANZAC
ANZAC officers died at Gallipoli
Gallipoli - Why did the Anzacs Land?

The Second Battle of Gaza, 1917
Australian Military Units - Battles of Gaza

Land Forces

American Expeditionary Forces
The American Expeditionary Forces
Canada & WWI - the First Contingent
The British Army in the Great War
Australia and New Zealand in France in WWI
The Neutral Dutch Army in the Great War
Pershings Doughboys


Infantry in Battle
World War One Battlefields

Air Warfare

Lafayette Escadrille Flying Squadron of WWI

Great War In The Air - 312 JG1

Red Fighter Pilot by Manfred von Richthofen
Who Killed the Red Baron?
Who is The Red Baron?
French Aircraft of World War One
Zeppelins: Monsters of the Purple Twilight
Aviators and Aircraft of World War One
Aces and Aircraft of World War I

Naval Warfare

Navies by Country

Navies of World War One
The Russian navy
Russian Navy WWI
Germany's High Sea Fleet in the World War
Royal Australian Navy

Naval Operations

WW1 Naval Combat
The War at Sea - Extensive
Battles - The War at Sea
World War 1 Naval Combat
Naval Aviation in World War I

Battle of Heligoland Bight
Battle of Dogger Bank
Battle of Jutland - Comprehensive site

Battle of Jutland


Weddigen's Account of the U-9
The Lusitania Resource
Submarines raid on Zeebrugge
Scapa Flow and its wrecks
The First and Second Naval Bombardment of the Dardanelles, 1915
WW1 - The Maritime War
Major Warships Sunk in World War 1
WW1 Warships
Scapa Flow Scuttling of the German High Seas Fleet
Vice-Admiral Graf Spee's Cruiser Squadron
Loss of HMS Audacious
Loss of HMS Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue

Submarine Warfare in WW I
U-boat Attack, 1916

Weapons and Equipment


Weapons WWI
World War One Weapons - New Technology
British Infantry Uniforms 1914-1915


WW1 Tanks
Tanks and World War One

WW1 Tank


Fokker Dr 1 Information
The Fokker Triplane
Nieuport Pages The Nieuport Aircraft 1909-1945


World War One Camouflage

Images, Maps, Documents, Audio



WWI Pictorial History
World War I Color Photos
First World - A multimedia history
Photos of the Great War
World War One Photos
World War I pictures
Great War Pictures
The Great War in a Different Light
World War One Photos
Vintage Photographs - Artillery


FIRST CALL - American Posters
Photos of the Great War
Propaganda Postcards


The Great War Series The War Times Journal
WW1 Document Archive
The World War I Document Archive
Documents of World War I
World War One Articles
WWI Literature
Gallipoli Despatches


Animated Atlas

Units and Associations

Infantry Regiment Nr. 459 - World War One
Leeds Rifles
310th Infantry, 78th Division, USA 1917 - 1919


War Leaders

Kaiser Wilhelm II
Kaiser Wilhelm II's Memoirs, July 1914
Worshipping Kaiser Wilhelm II
Baron Manfred von Richthofen
Red Baron Poem
The Red Baron: Rittmeister Manfred Albrecht
Freiherr von Richthofen 
Leaders of Anzacs
Enver Pasha Turkish
Who's who in the British high command
Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien


Medals and Uniforms
Uniforms of the Russian Army during WW1
Medal: World War I Victory
Uniform Regulation: Navy Nurse Corps, 1917
Uniform Regs: Women Reservist, USNR 1918
German Field Uniform 1914-1916

Ranks, insignis and uniforms of the US Army
Aussie Uniforms 1900 to 1970
A brief history of the German Stahlhelm 1916-1945

British Infantry Uniforms 1914-1915
British Infantry Uniforms - Basic Equipment

British Awards and Medals - 1854 to present, includes photos

Memorials and Museums

Western Front War Graves
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
German War Graves
Belgian War Graves 


East Lancashire War Memorials
The American Battlefield Monuments Commission
American World War I Monuments
Australian War Memorial
NZ War Memorials of the First World War

Cross and Cockade International
Great War (First World War) Heritage
Visit Gallipoli
The Somme


Liberty Memorial Museum
The Westerm Front Museum

The League of WWI Aviation Historians
The Western Front Association
Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades Association
Great War Association
US Cavalry Association
The Great War Society Homepage

Welcome to World War One Battlefields
Australian Battlefields of World War I - France
Battlefields of the Western Front

Veterans look back with sorrow and anger
Veterans Affairs Canada

The Good Battlefield Guide

Preserving History
Reenacting links
103rd World War One Re-Enactors - USA
Great War Historical Society - USA
The Great War Association - World War One Reenacting - USA
Infantry Regiment Nr. 459 - World War One Reenacting
The Russian Legion, France 1916-1918

Great War forum
The Trench Line - WW1 forum

How to research a soldier of the British Army in WW1
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