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World War 2 Campaigns -
Hitler's Third Reich & WWII in the News - German Military
WW2 History - From an Allied Perspective
World War II, analyzed - Battle, battlefields now, veterans



Breaking the Enigma Code Polish Contribution
Bletchley Park Enigma - Breaking the German code - National Codes Centre
Code breaking and Secret Weapons - Enigma from 1926-1939
German Espionage & Sabotage Against U S
German Spies of WWII
Code breaking and Secret Weapons
The History of Bletchley Park
"Spy vs. Spy" -- The Intelligence War
Men and Women of the OSS
Black Propaganda Operation in WWII

Personal accounts

Voices of the Veterans: D-Day

Letters from World War 2 online - First person accounts & source documents
Pfc. Phil Eckhart of Maryland, 712th Tank Battalion
In Their Own Words - Personal Accounts from US servicemen*
Dads War - Extensive Links
EyeWitness accounts of World War Two
Sgt. William Heller's ww2 Memoirs - 3rd Infantry Division
Three veterans remembered - Two 2nd US Inf Div and One Army engineer
WWII 11th Airborne Hero - remembered
Herman Knight Beaber civilian POW
A British Soldier remembers - Links
A young Filipino boy remembers - Los Banos is southeast of Manila
Los Banos survivor - Civilian tell his story of recue of POWs from Japanese
Diary of Captain Charles Shelby Runyan USAAF Japan
A Woman in a "Man's War" American
A Young Girl Joins the Army - US Army
Private Art: Letters To and From Home - US Solder
242nd General Hospital, Lt Col Richmond - Commanding Officer US Army
Albert Lawson US Army Chaplin
James Reddin US 45 Inf Div Army ETO
Stalag VII A: Oral histories - German POW camp
Donoghue - Royal Ulster Rifles - Italy Africa
The Dutch Underground
Albert George Fenley US Navy
Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson - Includes details of many other soldiers
Edwin Price Ramsey - Official Website
In Hell There Is A Place Called Death's Railway
Diary Of A B-17 Ball Turret Gunner
In Peace & War: A Civilian Soldier's Story - N Z (electonic text)
American and British stories from the Battle of the Bulge - Over 200
Veterans of Monte Cassino - Gefreiter Bob Frettlohr
Battle of Monte Cassino - Veteran's stories - German, Pole, Canadian
D-Day In Their Own Words
NgaToa - Dedicated to New Zealand veterans accounts of WW2
The Second World War Experience Centre - World War Two
WW2 People's War
Guadalcanal - A Marines Journal


WW2 Famous Quotations
World War II Quotes
True-False Questions on World War Two
World War II Commemoration Quiz


Polish Losses in World War II
Losses in the Second World War
World War 2 Death Count
World War Two Deaths
World War Two Nominal Roll - Australia
Costs, Casualties and Other Data - Deaths in ww2
US Navy and Marine Corps Battle Casualties
WWII Casualties
American Casualties WWII by state
Losses by Country


World War II timeline
World War II - Directory of Online Resources
World War Two Net
Timeline with Photos and Text
World War 2 Timeline
Battle of France & World Events Timeline
chronicle the daily events
The World at War 1940
World War Two Day by Day
History of the Third Reich: Day by Day

Nazi Flag

How the German army celebrates its past
Invasion Threat & Nazi Propaganda
German Women - World War Two
Nazi and East German Propaganda
WW2 British and German Military History
Did Hitler or Stalin Kill More Ukrainians
Hitler and Economic Recovery
The Third Reich in Ruins - Inside the third reich
The Empire of I.G. Farben
German Nuclear Research
The Execution of Nazi War Criminals
The Nazification of Germany
Repatriation - Dark Side of World War II
Germany During World War Two


Tunnel and Shelter Researching
UK Pillboxes and defences
Mannerheim Line - Finnish fortifications of Winter War period
The Maginot line
Gothic line battlefield - Gothic line Italy, German defence line - Fort Fermont on the Maginot line, Fortress in Italy & Antwerp
Fortress Hertfordshire - Defence fortifications in southern England
Delaware’s Coastal Defenses
Czechoslovak Fortification 1938

War Crimes

Dec. 17, 1944 - Massacre at Malmedy
The Schutzstaffeln (SS) Nuremberg Charges
The Majdanek Museum concentration camp
Massacres & Holocaust: The Leibstandarte - Hitlers SS Bodyguard
Oradour Sur Glane, France - June 8, 1944 by the SS
Massacre at Lididce - Following the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich SS

Axis History Forum

Women in Uniform

War Surgery and Medicine - Electonic book


The Geneva Convention
WW II Glossary, Terms and Definitions
The European Volunteer Movement
WW2 Economics
The Aftermath of the Second World War
Different aspects of World War II
Massacres and Atrocities of World War II
Katyn massacre - Soviet massacre of Polish soldiers
Hand signals US Army
Nazi Propaganda: 1933-1945
British Army Officers 1939-45
Hitler's Foreign Legions - Hitler's army
54 War Correspondents K.I.A. WWII
Tracking WW2 soldiers
Chaplains - New Zealand Army
Dynamo versus Germany: Soccer Match of Death - Kiev, Ukrainian
Koch versus Rosenberg - Ukraine
People from the Midwest, Germany, Austria who met each other during WW2
The Anglo-American Alliance - Churchill and Roosevelt Alliance 1939-45
Prominent people of WW2 - Known primarily for their lives after the war
WWII Orders of Battle and Organizations
Pastel: Deception in the Invasion of Japan - Detailed
Unconditional Surrender, Demobilization, and the Atomic Bomb - Detailed
Service Records of One Million Australians Who Served During WW2
Glossary of Ranks - Army, Nay Air Force
The Canadian Virtual War Memorial - Database of KIA Canadians
Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Online database of KIA
WW2 Sites of interest in Southern England
Forgotten Battles of the Second World War
German War Graves Commission - Database of German soldiers who died
Kilroy Was Here - Unknown stories revealed and places rediscovered
Historical Battle Guide - Useful website for planning battlefield visits
War Babes - Bevrijdingskinderen WW11 - For children of allied soldiers
Pillboxes and Anti-invasion Defence - Unnited Kingdom
US Army Descendants - goal is to find our father who was a GI
Why Japan Really Lost The War

Malmedy Massacre

Antiques Care
World War Two Wargaming Index
I Survived - Holocaust
Glossary of German Military Terms & Abbreviations
Selective Service Record from WW Two
Lesser Known WWII Facts
World War II Statistics - Includes wwii dead
The Geneva Convention
The Roosevelt Vision
The WW2 Combat Medics
The Illusions of the Duce
Certain People in World War Two
Armed Forces of World War II (broken)
Army Recognizes WWII Black Heroes
Black Panthers Go To Combat - Black soldiers in wwii
Belgium honors the U.S. Armies of Liberation
Keepsakes of War
Model Building WWII
Olav Hungnes
Articles of War - Links
War Articles
Munich Pact 9/29/38
Atlantic Charter
Conference on the Limitation of Armament
Roosevelt and Approaching War
United States Foreign Policy 1931-1941
Diplomacy in World War II
Diplomacy in World War 2
Abbreviations, Acronyms, Codewords, Terms
Glossary of German Military Terms and Abbreviations
German Glossary
WW2 Films
War Journalists
War Photographers
War Artists, Illustrators and Cartoonists
Scientists, Inventors and Engineers
Japanese Atrocities during World War II in Philippines

Strategy and Tactics
Strategy and Tactics

Historical Orders of Battle - Links
World War 2 Infantry Tactics
Germany First: Allied Strategy in WW II
Soviet Night Operations in World War II
The Concept of Blitzkrieg
Defensive Military Structures in Action
German Armored Assault Artillery
German Artillery Forward Observers" Tactical and Technical Trends
Commanders and their Tactics In The Western Desert
Intelligence In North Africa


Researcher's Page
Addresses for Information and Research


Veterans Across America
World War II changed Virginia

Women at War
Woman at War

The Women's Army Corps
The Women 's Army Auxiliary Corps
Women in World War II
Women of WWII
Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)
Women Come to the Front

Allied POWs
Prisoners of War

Displaced Persons' Camps
Prisoners of War of the Germans, Japanese, and British - Detailed
German Prisoners of War in Utah
Prisoner of War Camps in Oklahoma
German Prisoners of War in Britain
392nd Bomb Group - POW Stalag Luft Camps
Soviet Prisoners-of-War
Intro to POW in Russia

Prisoners of War in Japan
Filipino guerrillas recue 2,146 American POWs in Los Banos

Japanese Prisoner of War Camps
Massacres and Atrocities within the Pacific Region
POW camp Stalag VII A
List of German POW camps
(MIAs) and (POWs) from Air Group 4 - Casablanca to Tokyo
Prisoners of War - Electonic Book
WWII POW Diary 1942-1945; Los Banos - US civilian POW


Eisenhower and German POWs

Civilian Internees

World War II - The internment of German American civilians
Japanese-Americans Internment Camps
Internees - American and Germans
German American Internee Coalition

Daily reports - German military


Australia at War
South Australians at War
Australia's War
Australian Army - free-definition

New Zealand Flag
New Zealand

New Zealand in the Second World War
New Zealand in WWII
New Zealand in the Second World War
New Zealanders at War - Overview
New Zealand Spitfire Pilot in WW11
New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy - Electonic book
Petrol Company NZ Army - Electonic book
Problems of 2 NZEF - General administration, Electonic book
The Home Front Volume I - Electonic book
The Home Front Volume II - Electonic book
The New Zealand Dental Services - Electonic book
New Zealand and the Pacific war - Electonic book
New Zealand War Economy - Electonic book
NZ in the Second World War
Military mascots of NZ


Welcome to The Valour and Horror - Canada
Dieppe to Berlin: A Nation at War - Canada
Units of the Canadian Army
Canada and the Second World War
Canadian Involvement in Major Battles of WW2
Welcome to
Canadian Soldier
Canadian War Children of WWII
Canadian women in WWII
Canada in WWII


World War Two Highland and Scottish Headdress
Conscription - Britain
The Home Front - Britain
The Home Front Britain
Home Sweet Home Front - Blackouts, rationing, land girls, gas and more
Home Front W War2 - The Blitz,. Rationing, Air Raid Shelters and more
British military history of World War II
Life in Britain
Served in the German Army during WW I and the
WWII, a British Focus
The British Home Front - Northern England
Birmingham Stories, Workshop of the War - Industrial centre
Bombing of Britain - Personal accounts
The Midnight Watch - Fire, Home Guard and Civil Defence workers
The Home Guard - Extensive information on the British Home Guard Units

Polish Flag

World War II Through Polish Eyes
Poland's Class of 1936
The Second World War - Poland
Vital Records Poland
WORLD WAR II - 1939-1945 Poland
The Polish Armed Forces Decide
Shoah - Holocaust. Essays & Reminiscences
World War Two Timeline - Poland 1939
World War II Poland good
Polish contribution to World War II
Polish Facts and Figures in World War II.

Migrations of Latvians during WW2


War: Finland in World War II


France in WWII

Holland and Belgium

Antwerp and World War Two
World War II and The Netherlands
The Wartime Memories Project- Belgium


General Mociulschi
General Dumitrache


Estonia in World War II


World War II in Ukraine


Comando Supremo: Italy at War - Detailed


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