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World War 2 Medals and Awards
Medals of the World
WW2 Medals
Hendriks medal Corner - WW2 Medals


The Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor WWII
Medal of Honor Recipients Buried In Arlington National Cemetery
Purple Hearts of World War II
United States Army Decorations
Military awards of the United States Department of the Navy
Wearing US Decorations, Medals, Badges, Unit Awards, & Appurtenances
Defense Awards and Decorations


German Military Decorations of WWII
Wehrmacht Awards - WW2 German medals
Wehrmacht Awards
Military decorations of the Third Reich
Orders and Decorations of the Third Reich
Orders, decorations, and medals of Nazi Germany - Photos and basic data
List of Knight's Cross recipients - All classes
List of foreign recipients of the Knight's Cross
Recipients of the Close Combat Clasp
Recipients of the German Cross
Recipients of the Iron Cross - List of prominent soldiers only
Recipients of the Spanish Cross
Recipients of the U-boat Front Clasp
Recipients of the U-boat War Badge
Anschluss Medal - Return of Austria to the German Reich
Anti-Partisan Guerrilla Warfare Badge
Blockade Runner Badge
Naval Artillery War Badge
Order of the German Eagle

German Military Decorations of WWII
Unbestowed awards of Nazi Germany

Axis Military awards
Wehrmacht and Waffen SS Ranks
Knights Cross Winners
Waffen SS Collar insignias
German Campaign Shields
German award winners at Arnham
Danzig Cross
Demyansk Shield
Kuban Shield
Narvik Shield
Destroyer War Badge
Eastern Front Medal
Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe - Honor Goblet of the Luftwaffe
Fast Attack Craft War Badge
Front Flying Clasp of the Luftwaffe
General Assault Badge
German Cross
Grand Cross of the Iron Cross
High Seas Fleet Badge
Honour Cross for Combatants
Infantry Assault Badge
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Iron Cross
Memel Medal
Sudetenland Medal
Panzer Badge
Tank Destruction Badge
SS Long Service Award
Schalburg Cross
Sniper's Badge
Spanish Cross
Star of the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross
U-boat Front Clasp
U-boat War Badge
War Merit Cross
West Wall Medal
Wound Badge

Political decorations of the Nazi Party
Civil Service Faithful Service Medal
Blood Order - Awarded to participants in the the 1932 putsch
Civil Service Faithful Service Medal In Gold
Civil Service Faithful Service Medal In Silver
Civil decorations of Nazi Germany
Close Combat Clasp
Cross of Honor
Cross of Honor of the German Mother
Faithful Service Medal
Employee and Worker Faithful Service Medal
German National Prize for Art and Science
German Order (decoration)
Golden Party Badge


The Soviet Military Awards Page Forum
Fake Alert Soviet Medals and Orders
Soviet Medals and Orders
The Soviet Military Awards Page. Medals, History and Russia
Soviet awards to U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Personnel
Soviet Medals

British Commonwealth

British campaign medals - 1815 to the present
Australian campaign medals - 1899 to the present
New Zealand campaign medals - 1845-7 to the present

Australian WWII Medals
Ribbons of the Decorations and Medals of Australia
British Medals
British Medals and Awards - 1854 to present
Medals of Italy
World War 2 - Poland
Awards to the Royal Canadian Navy


The Polish Monte Cassino Cross

Spanish Volunteer Medals (German & Spanish Government Issued)

Orders, Decorations and Medals - Rumania

Admiral Donitz
Uniforms, Ranks, Flags, etc


WW2 Uniforms, Allied & Axis forces
Command and Rank Flags of the Army
Military Uniforms of Ten Countries - Detailed Images


Comparative WWII Army Ranks
Ranks, insigia and uniforms of the US Army
Army Dagges, uniforms
WW2 US Militaria
Army Air Forces Patche
Links for American Military Insignia of WWII
USAAF uniforms and personal equipment

German and Axis

A brief history of the German Stahlhelm 1916-1945
Landser - WW2 German Uniforms Army - very good
Uniforms, ranks and insignia of the Kriegsmarine - Detailed
Luftwaffe uniforms, ranks and insignia - Detailed
Uniforms, ranks and insignia of the Heer and auxiliary services - Detailed
Waffen-SS - Detailed
German uniforms of WW2
Waffenfarben Arm ColoursGerman-Helmets
Italian Uniforms

British and Commonwealth

Badges & uniforms of the British army
British Formation Badges 1939-1945
Cap Badges of the Canadian Army

Gentleman's Military Interest Club

Nazi Era Stamps
German Flags

Unit emblems on vehicles - Detailed
Unit emblems on aircrafts - DEtailed
Tactical markings - Detailed
Unidentified unit emblems
License plate numbers

Gulf War
Falklands War
Vietnam War
World War Two
World War One
Zulu Wars
Civil War
Napoleonic Wars
War of 1812
Revolutionary War
Roman Wars
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