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Allied Leaders

Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov

Georgi Zhukov
Stalin, Joseph. Biography and photos
Joseph Stalin
Stalin and Eastern Europe
Stalin's Role in the Coming of World War II

Resistance Leaders

Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay

Joseph Goebbels

Lord John Gort
Neville Chamberlain
British and Commonwealth Military Figures
Politicial Figures: Britain

Bernard Law Montgomery
Montgomery, Bernard Law

General Omar N. Bradley
Omar Nelson Bradley
Omar Nelson Bradley

U.S. Army World War II Corps Commanders
WWII Political and Military Leaders links
Axis Leaders
World War 2 Military Leaders
Leaders during World War II
Generals of World War II
United States Military Figures

George Patton
General George S. Patton in World War II

Address by Neville Chamberlain-Sept 1,1939
Arthur Neville Chamberlain (1869 - 1940)
Chamberlain - Peace in our Time

Chiang Kai-shek
Chiang Kai-shek

Winston Churchill
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer
The Churchill Society London
Sir Winston Churchill
The Churchill Centre
Winston Churchill hero file
The Rise to Power of Winston Churchill
Churchill Memorial and Library
Winston Churchill and the Peace Address
Sir Winston Churchill - The Churchill Centre

Oswald Mosley : British Politician and Philosopher 1896-1980

Dwight David Eisenhower (1953–1961)
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dwight D. Eisenhower
General Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
Eisenhower - Includes list of awards and decorations

Audie Murphy Memorial Web Site
Audie Leon Murphy
Audie L. Murphy
Audie Murphy, WWII Hero To Movie Star
Lieutenant Audie L. Murphy

Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle
French Military Leaders

Guy Gibson - Dambuster Leader

Leonard A. Funk, Jr MOH
Harry S. Truman and World War II
Admiral Wilhelm Canaris
Major General Terry Allen
Hap Arnold's Command Years
General Henry H. Arnold USAAF
Generalleutnant Fritz H. Bayerlein
Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
Ernie Pyle
Claire Lee Chennault
General Mark W. Clark
LEON DEGRELLE 1941 - 1945
ADOLF GALLAND (1912 - 1996)
Air Commodore John Ellacombe DFC
Generaloberst Heinz Wilhelm Guderian
Admiral William F. Halsey USN
Hiroshima: Who's Who and What'd They Do?
Jean Moulin - French Resistance
Josip Broz - TITO
Werner Hartenstein U-156
Whispers of the Past - Audio
Who was Heinrich Himmler
SS-Obersturmbannführer Max Wünsche
Vice Admiral Lee
C.G.E.Mannerheim, the Marshal of Finland
General George C. Marshall
(Major General) Kurt Meyer
Lt. Cdr. Edward "Butch" O'Hare
Generalfeldmarschall Friedrich Paulus
A Reminiscence of War
Roy André Watvedt, Spitfire Pilot
Hans Ulrich Rudel
Sgt. William Heller's
Vice-Admiral Frederick Carl Sherman
A Story of Otto Skorzeny and Adolf Hitler
Clement Attlee


General Mociulschi
General Dumitrache

Generals of World War II

Japanese Naval Officers

Axis Powers
Axis leaders
Axis Leaders

Goering Biography
Hermann Goering
Hermann Göring
Hermann Goering Nuremberg judgement
Herman Goering

Speech by Rudolf Hess in 1934
Hess: The Missing Years
The Legacy of Rudolf Hess
Rudolf Hess
Rudolf Hess - Main Page
Hess Flight to England
Rudolf Hess Hitlers Deputy
German Military Figures
Grossadmiral Karl Dönitz, Nuremberg Trial
Admiral Karl Doenitz
Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz
Grossadmiral Karl Doenitz (1891 - 1980)
Doenitz - Nuremburg War Crimes Trial
Karl Doenitz
Karl Doenitz
Karl Doenitz
Karl Dönitz
The Nuremberg Testimony of Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz
The World at War: Karl Donitz

Dr. Goebbels and his Ministry
Joseph Goebbels - Wikipedia
Joseph Goebbels
Joseph Goebbels' Diaries
Goebbels' Place in History
Nazi Propaganda by Joseph Goebbels

Michael Wittmann Apr 22,1914-Aug 8,1944
Panzer Ace Michael Wittmann

Albert Speer
Albert Speer
Albert Speer - The Nazi leader

Erwin Rommel
Generals good

Commanders: Erich von Manstein
Commanders: Erwin Rommel
Commanders: Ewald von Kleist
Commanders: Josef Goebbels
Commanders: Hermann Göring
Commanders: Hans von Seeckt - Infantry commander
Commanders: Heinz Guderian - Panzer commander
Commanders: Reinhard Heydrich - SS official
Commanders: Walther Model

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World War Two
World War One
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