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Worls War II Vehicles - Aircraft, Tanks, Vehicles

Tiger Tank


WWII Tanks and Vehicles
Encyclopedia of the Tanks of World War II
Tanks of World War II
Tanks in World War II
WWII Tanks
World War 2 tanks


Panzerworld - Germany's panzer and weapons of WW2
German Tanks and Armored Vehicles of WW2 - Technical summaries
Porsche Panzers
Tiger Tank
Tiger Tank of World War II
German Tanks In World War 2, Panzer
Achtung Panzer - German Tanks
German Tanks In World War 2, Panzer
German King Tiger Tank
panther tank
Tiger I Information Center
Panzerkampfwagen Tiger 181 - New Site
Identify the German PZKW VI Tank "Tiger"
Identify the German PZKW V Tank "Panther tank"
German tank production during World War II

Other Axis Powers

Romanian Tanks and Armored Vehicles - Technical summaries
Romanian Armour Extensive
Romanian Armour in World War Two
Japanese Tanks and Armored Vehicles - Technical summaries
Japanese Type 94 Tank (or tankette).
Italian Tanks and Armored Vehicles - Technical summaries
Italian Tanks
Hungarian Tanks and Armored Vehicles - Technical summaries

American Tanks

US Tanks in World War II
Sherman M4 Tank (USA) - Photos
M4 Sherman Tank - Main American tank in World War 2 won by numbers
M4 Sherman Tank
Sherman M4 Tank - Includes lots of technical details and photos
WWII US Armored Force
Light Tank M24 Chaffee
American Tanks and Armored Vehicles of WW2 - Technical summaries
Medium Tank M3 - British version also

British Tanks

British Tanks of WW2 - Lots of photographs
British Tanks and Armored Vehicles of World War II - Technical summaries
British tanks
Cruiser tank - Summary
The cruiser tanks of Great Britain - Photos and basic technical specifications
Cromwell tank
Vickers 6-Ton Light Tank
Light Tanks of the Mk II to Mk V
Light Tank Mk VI
Tank, Light Mk VII, Tetrarch I
Cruiser Mk I
Cruiser Mk II
Cruiser Mk III
Cruiser Mk IV
Tank, Cruiser, Mk V, Covenanter (A13 Mk III)
Tank, Cruiser, Mk VI Crusader (A15)
Tank, Cruiser, Mk VII Cavalier (A24)
Tank, Cruiser, Mk VIII, Cromwell (A27M)
Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger
Tank, Cruiser, Comet I (A34)
Sherman Firefly
Ram tank - Cruiser tank build by Canada
Sentinel tank - Built by Australia

Soviet Tanks

Soviet Tanks and Armored Vehicles of WW2 - Technical summaries

Bren Gun
Combat Weapons

M1 Garand Rifle
Carbine, Cal. .30, Ml
Infantry Weapons - WW2 weapons
N.I.M. Third Reich Weapons

WW2 Weapons


Erma - Submachine gun
FG 42 - Airborne forces assault rifle
Gewehr 41 - Semi-automatic rifle
Gewehr 43 - Semi-automatic rifle
Karabiner 98K - Bolt-action rifle
MG 08 - Heavy water-cooled machine gun
MG 34 - General-purpose air-cooled machine gun
MG 42 - General-purpose air-cooled machine gun
MP 28 - Submachine gun
MP 38 - Submachine gun
MP 40 - Submachine gun
MP 41 - Submachine gun
Pistole 08 (Luger) - Semi-automatic pistol
Sturmgewehr 44 - Assault rifle
Walther P38 - Semi-automatic pistol
Walther PP - Semi-automatic pistol

German WWII Ordnance Codes
The Ultimate WW2 German Weapons


Long Tom 155mm Cannon- M1 & M2
Dora, the world's largest railway gun
German WWII Weapons
Panzerfaust - Anti-tank weapon
88 mm gun
History & Origins of the German 88mm Gun
US intelligence on the 88mm gun

Setup procedure for German WW2 8.8cm flak

United States Tank Destroyers
57mm Anti-Tank Gun Model M-1

German Artillery

Feldkanone 38 - Light field artillery
7.5 cm Feldkanone 38
Flak 36/37 - Light anti-aircraft gun
German Flak 88mm 37 L/56 Antitank Gun - Photos
Flak 38
Flak 38/39
Flakvierling 38 - 2cm Flakvierling 38 quadruple 20mm
Flakpanzer IV - Vehicle mounted
Flakpanzer Wirbelwind - Vehical mounted
Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind"
Möbelwagen, Wirbelwind, Ostwind and Kugelblitz - Technical data PZ IVs
Gebirgsgeschütz 36 - Light mountain gun
Jagdpanzer 38(T) - Tank Hunter
Jagdpanzer 38(t) - Photos
Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer - Photos
Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer - Detailed
Jagdpanzer IV - Four-man tank hunter
Jagdpanzer IV, Sd. Kfz. 162 - 75mm L/48 (1944)
Jagdpanzer IV Sd. Kfz. 162 & 162/1 - Detailed and Photo gallary
Jagdpanzer IV - Panzerjager 39 - Photo gallery
Jagdpanzer IV - Photos at the Canada War Museum
Jagdpanzer IV (with Zimmerit)
Jagdpanzer IV (with Zimmerit) - Photos
Jagdpanzer IV - Technical information
Surviving Pz. IV Variants - Photos
Jagdtiger - Heavy tank destroyer
Kanone 39 - Heavy towed field gun
Kanone 44 - Heavy towed field gun
LE FH 18 - Medium field howitzer
LE IG 18 - Infantry support gun
PAK 35/36 - Towed light AT gun
3.7 cm Antitank Gun - Pak. 35/36 L/45 - Photos
PAK 38 - Medium towed AT gun
5 cm Antitank Gun - Pak. 38 L/60 - Photos
7.5 cm Antitank Gun - Pak. 40 L/46 - Photos
7.5 cm Antitank Gun Pak. 40/4 L/46 on Tracked Chassis - Photos
PAK 41 - Medium towed AT gun
PAK 43 - Heavy towed AT gun
S IG 33 - Infantry support gun
Stug III 7.5cm - Four-man assault gun
Stug III 10.5cm - SP assault howitzer
Marder (Marten) Series, (1942-44) - Anti tank gun


German missiles crashing in Sweden 1943-44
The A-4/V-2 Resource Site
German secret weapons and Nazi UFOs: the German saucers V-7


German WWII Prime Movers and Halftracks
German WWII Prime Movers and Halftracks
World War II Vehicles
German halftrack
Trucks lend-leased to Russia in WW2
The Jagdpanzer 38
M8 'Greyhound' Armored Car
SdKfz 7 half-track German

Tracked Vehicles

Brummbär - Assault Infantry Gun
Grille - SP Heavy Infantry Gun
Hummel - SP Heavy Howitzer
Hummel - Geschutzwagen III/IV Hummel - Photos
Jagdpanther - Heavy Tank Destroyer
Marder II - SP Antitank Gun
Marder III - SP Antitank Gun
Nashorn - SdKfz 164 - SP Heavy Antitank Gun
PaK 40 (SF) - Geschützwagen 39H(f) - SP Antitank Gun
Panzer I - Sdkfz 101 - Light Tank
Panzerkampfwagen I, Sd. Kfz. 101
Panzer I - Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. A (SdKfz 101) - Photos
Panzer II - SdKfz 121 - Light Tank
Panzer II - Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. B - Photos
Panzerkampfwagen II, Sd. Kfz. 121
Panzer III Ausf F - SdKfz 141 - Medium Tank
Panzer III Ausf J - SdKfz 141 - Medium Tank
Panzer III Ausf N - SdKfz 141/2 - Medium Tank
Panzer III - Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. M (SdKfz 141/1) - Photos
Panzerkampfwagen III, Sd. Kfz. 141
Panzer IV Ausf C - SdKfz 161 - Medium Support Tank
Panzer IV - Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. G (SdKfz 161/1) - Photos
Panzerkampfwagen IV, Sd. Kfz. 161
Panzer IV Ausf H - SdKfz 161/2 - Medium Tank
Panther Tank - Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf. A (SdKfz 267) - Photos
Panzer V Ausf D - SdKfz 171 - Heavy Medium Tank
Panzer V Ausf G - SdKfz 171 - Heavy Medium Tank
Panzer 35(t) - Panzerkampfwagen 35(t) - Light Tank
Panzerkampfwagen 35(t)
Panzer 38(t) - Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) - Light Tank
Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) - Photos
Panzerkampfwagen 38(t), Sd.Kfz.140
Panzerjäger - SP Antitank Gun
Panzerjäger 38(t) - Marder III - SP Antitank Gun
Jagdpanzer IV - Panzerjager 39 - Photos

Jagdpanther - Hunting Panther
PzKpwf M15/42 - M15/42 738(i) - Medium Tank
PzKpwf MkII 748 (e) - PzKpfw Mk II 748 (E) - Infantry Tank
sIG33 - sIG33 (SF) - SP Heavy Infantry Gun
StuG (FI) - Flamethrower
Sturmgeschütz III / IV - Includes photo gallery of Ausf G
StuG III Ausf B - SdKfz 142 - Assault Gun
StuG III Ausf G - SdKfz 142/1 - Assault Gun
Stug III 40 - Sturmgeschutz 40 Ausf. G - Photos
Tiger I - SdKfz 181 - Heavy Tank
Tiger, Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. E (Sdkfz 181) - Heavy tank
Tiger Tank - Photo Gallery
King Tiger Tank - Photo Gallery
Tiger II - SdKfz 182 - Heavy Tank
King Tiger Tank - Panzerkampfwagen VI Konigstiger - Photos
Wespe - SdKfz 124 - SP Light Field Howitzer
Wespe - Panzer II Wespe (SdKfz 124) - Photos
Wespe - Photos
Wespe, Sd. Kfz. 124
Wespe - Self-propelled artillery

Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar (SdKfz 166) - Photos
Goliath - Leichter Sprengladungstrager Goliath - Tracked mine - photos
German Half Track Transport - Medium Contamination Truck - Photos
German Hanomag Ausf. D (Sdkfz 251/7) - armored fighting vehicle - photos
German Hanomag Stummel Ausf. D (Sdkfz 251/9) - Half-track - photos

B17 Flying Fortress


World War 2 Planes
WWII Planes - Technical details and images
American Fighter Planes of WWII
WWII Aircraft
Aircraft of World War II
World War II Hangar
Historical Aircraft of World War II Links
Historical Aircraft of World War II
Combat Aircraft of the Pacific War
Combat Aircraft of the Pacific War - Different
WWII Aircraft
WWII: The Great Airplanes
World War Two Combat Planes
Aircraft Links
Historical Aircraft of World War II - Links
The Warbirds Resource Group
Odd Arnes WWII Fighters Pages
Military Aircraft Database
How WWII Fighter Planes Worked"
Assault Gliders
Stof's Plane Information Center
World War II: Best Fighter Planes


B -29 SUperfortress Then and Now
The B-29 Superfortress
Boeing B-29 Superfortress
B-29 Superfortress - Desert Restoration
Boeing B-29 Superfortress - Includes list of surviving B-29 Aircraft

Boeing B-17 Fortress
B-17 Flying Fortress
Boeing B-17 - the Flying Fortress
B-17G Flying Fortress - Collings Foundation
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
Warbird Alley: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

2006 New Castle Airshow - B-17 Flying Fortress

B26 Marauder
B26 tailgunner
Black Cats - U.S.N PBY Catalinas in Pacific
American Aircraft of World War II
The Hawker Tempest Page
The Hellcat of World War II
Terry's F4U Corsair References
P-61 Black Widow night fighter
Cataline Flying Boats


Luftwaffe Resource Center - Directory
The History Of Black X Me262
The Messerschmitt Me 410 page
Me 163B Komet
Sturmvogel German Aircraft
German WW2 planes
Junkers Ju-87 "Stuka"
The Messerschmitt Bf 109
Welcome to
Stormbirds.Com - Luftwaffe Resources

Heinkel He 100
Heinkel He 100 archive file
Heinkel He 100
Heinkel He 100 - Wikipedia
Simnetwork Photo Gallery - Heinkel He 100
Heinkel He-100 for the USSR


Zero Fighter ( Kamikaze weapon of World War II )


Blackburn Skua Britain Aircraft
The Handley Page HALIFAX
Battle of Britain
The Stirling Bomber Pages
Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf 109
Spitfire Mk VBv FW190A
De Havilland Mosquito
The Bristol Beaufighter

Lancaster Bomber


Macchi Aeronautica
A6M."ZEKE"Mitsubishi Zero Carrier-Fighter
I. A. R. 80, a Romanian fighter
Finnish Air Force Aircraft


Russian T-34 Tank - Photos


US Gato class submarines - Summary
US Submarine Technology

Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP) or Higgins boat
Higgins Memorial Project - Landing craft


The Online Guide to WW II German Helmets
Waffen-SS Rank structure
Ranks of the Wehrmacht and the SS

German parachutes in WW2


Japanese Naval Ordnance
Japanese Torpedoes
Japanese Radar Equipment in WWII


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Falklands War
Vietnam War
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