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Navies by Country

US Navy in World War Two good
Royal Australian Navy
The Royal New Zealand Navy - Electonic book
The Australia's Navy in WWII
Royal Navy and World War 2 - - good
Imperial Japanese Navy
The Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force
Imperial Japanese Navy
Imperial Japanese Navy WWII
Kriegsmarine Of The Reich

Naval Operations

World War 2 Cruiser Operations good
LemaireSoft's Naval Encyclopedia of WW 2
Amphibious Warfare: Second World War


Dutch Submarines WII
Royal Netherlands Navy Submarines
The Saga of the Submarine
British Submarines of World War Two
British Submarines of WWII
Finnish Submarines - Comprehensive site
Submarine Systems and Procedures - American
U.S. Submarine Losses - 52 submarines listed
World War II US Submarine List
US Submarine Commanders
Japanese Submarines - Records of movement
Japanese Carrier Fleet - Records of movement
Japanese destroyers in World War II - Incudes records of movement
Japanes Battleships - Records of movement
Japanese Merchant Auxiliaries - Records of movement
Kaiten Suicide Submarines

Merchant Marine

Royal Australian Navy in WWII - Auxiliaries
U.S. Merchant Marine in World War II
Allied Merchant Navy during World War Two
Merchant Navy in WW2
Liberty ships: World War 2 merchant marine


Naval Armed Guard Service in World War II

WWII Imperial Japanese Naval Aviation
Naval Aviation Chronology in World War II
Fleet Air Arm Archive

The Wartime Memories Project

Presented to Royal Naval Museum
Dunkirk Destroyer's Name Plate

Stanley Galik USN - WWII Experiences

Welcome to World War Two Ships good

The Polish Naval destroyer ORP Blyskawica

Which battleship was the best
Japanese Navy Mysteries
Japanese Naval Officers

Bibliography Japanwese Navy

Why Japan Really Lost The War


European Theatre

Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of the Atlantic
The Battle Of The Atlantic 1939 - 1945
Battle of the Atlantic
Ships in Atlantic Convoys
The Battle of the Atlantic
Battle of the Atlantic
Battle of the Atlantic
Battle of the Atlantic: Allied Communication Intelligence

Unterseebootwaffe - The U-boat War 1939-1945
U-boats in the Bristol Channel 1939-45

HMS Hood

Aircraft against U-Boat

Battle of the Atlantic
Covering the North African Landings
North Atlantic Patrols
Hunting U-boats in the Bay of Biscay
West Africa and No. 490 (NZ) Squadron



Tiger-The E-Boat Attack

Italian M.A.S. and midget submarines in the Black Sea 1942-1943
Italian Royal Navy

Convoys to Northern Russia

Axis Forces against the Fleet Air Arm
Cap Arcona - German linee sunk by allies in May 1945
Cap Arcona - History of a tragedy
Photos of the Cap Arcona

German U-Boat - Battle of the Atlantic (1941

Asia Pacific Theatre
Campaigns and Battles

Pacific Naval Battles in World War II
Pearl Harbor - Conspiracy

Pacific Naval Battles in World War II
The Naval Battles of the Pacific War

The Battle of the Coral Sea - Part 1
The Battle of the Coral Sea - Part 2

Battle of Midway - Part 1
The battle of Midway 1942
Battle of Midway: 4-7 June 1942
Battle of Midway
Battle of Midway - Wikipedia
The Battle of Midway, 4 - 6 June 1942
The Battle of Midway
The Battle of Midway

Battle for Midway Documentary - Part 1

Warships in the II in the Pacific
USS Ranger (CV-4)
USS ESSEX CV9 Aviators in the Pacific


USN Submarines
Silent Hunter - US WW2 Submarines in the Pacific


Carrier Battles in the Pacific - 1942
Japanese Carriers of World War II - detailed statistics


The Coast Guard at War
Troop ships - Mostly US

Diary in the Pacific - USS Essex
A World War II Diary in the Pacific

Japanese Order of Battle at Midway
The Japanese Navy's operations against Australia in the Second World War


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