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General Sites

World War II Aviation
World War 2 Bombers
Aircraft of World War II
British Aircraft of World War II
World War Two Combat Planes
LemaireSoft's Encyclopedia of WWII Aircraft
Air Forces in World War II *





South African Air Aces of WWII
Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Aircraft in Profile
World War II Aces
American Aces of World War Two WWII
World War II Aces
Air Aces in WWII
Aces of WWII
Aces of the Luftwaffe
Marine Corps Aces of WWII
Heinz Knoke
Heinz-Helmut Baudach
Aces of World War II - Extensive detail
Who are the Top Filipino Fighter Pilots of World War II

US Army Air force


Overview: Air Force Combat Units of WWII
Army Air Corps
The United States Army Air Force
United States Army Air Forces
The USAAF in WWII good
Army Air Forces in World War II
U.S. World War II Units > Army Air Corps
Polish Air Force in Lincolnshire
U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II
U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II

Royal Air Force


Royal Air Force ensign and flags
Aviation Wings and Badges of WW2 - Royal Air Force
WW2 RAF/Commonwealth Air Forces Collector/Reenactor Forum

Royal Australian Air Force in WW2

New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Vol. I) - Electonic book
New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Vol. II) - Electonic book
New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Volume III) - Electonic book

Royal New Zealand Air Force

Royal New Zealand Air Force - Electonic book

Miscellaneous Air forces

World War II Minor Power Air Forces
Japanese Aviation & Military Web Ring
The French Air Force In 1940
Camouflage & Markings - Fighters of the Romanian Air Force

Anti-Aircraft Warfare

Anti-aircraft warfare - Brief summary
2 cm FlaK 30 gunn - German
3.7 cm FlaK 43 gun - German
2 cm Flakvierling 38 - German
MK 108 cannon German (installed in fighter aircraft)
Kerrison Predictor - Anti-aircraft predictors, fire-control systems
Flak towers - Germany
Wasserfall - Surface-to-air missile, German
Barrage balloon - Allies, summary
Barrage balloons - Alies
88 mm gun - German
88 mm - Details and specifications
88 mm, Density of Flak Fragments & Burst Patterns at High Altitudes

Air Operations

Most Fierce Air Battle
The Role of Bombing in World War II
The bombing campaigns in World War Two
The US Strategic Bombing Survey
The destruction of the Bielefeld Viaduct
The Canal Raids.........1940-1945
The loss of Lancaster JA691 *
The Last Flight of Avro Lancaster ED 394 R - A tribute to the Airmen of Bomber Command

Personal Accounts

Aircrew in the Bristol Blenheim
The Crew of Hudson FK790
Crew 13 B24
James Ernest Casey 446th Bomb Group
Stelzriede WW2 B-17 Navigator 8th USAAF
Mabel V. Rawlinson a WASP pilot in WWII
Experiences by 32nd Bomb Sqd Personnel
B17F-25-DL "Strato Sam", 42-3092
Diary of Lancaster Pilot Bruce Johnston
Sgt Don Bruce 115 Squadron RAF
Ernest Gledhill, a wireless operator with 514 Squadron
Experiences in Bomber Command - Part 1 - Personal account
Experiences in Bomber Command - Part 2 - Personal account
The WWII Diary of Lancaster Pilot Bruce Johnston
My Father's Website - Sgt Don Bruce 115 Squadron RAF
Ernest Gledhill, a wireless operator with 514 Squadron


Stragglers - Forced landings in Sweden
Battle-Damaged B-17 Flying Fortresses
1942 USAAF SN (42-001 to 42-30031)
The WWII Fighter Gun Debate: Introduction
Sky 3D models
Luftwaffa Markings and Camouflage
Carpet bombing
Strategic bombing
Air fronts Documenrary Repository - Original detailed information
Bomber Command Terminology
Ranks and Trades Glossary Bomber Command
World War 2 Ex RAF Homepage


WW2 Airfield & Control Tower
WW2 Airfield and Control Tower good
WW2 1st Fighter Group Bases - North Africa
USAAF Snetterton Heath Station 138
USAAF Station Numbers in UK

B17 in Battle

European Theatre
US Army Air force




Ninth Air Force
U.S. Eighth Air Force
8th Air Force
8th Air Force in World War II
8th Air Force
Eighth Air Force Combat Losses
9th Air Force in World War II
8th Air Force of the Army Air Force
Mighty Eight Fighting Colors
USAAF in Western Europe, 1942-45 - Includes tactical bombing
Norman Kottke - WWII Bombardier and POW at Stalag Luft I
S/Sgt. Lewis T. Haas, Tail Gunner/Armorer USAAF
The Mighty Eighth Fightin' Colors

Polish Fighter Pilots of World War II
The Polish Air Force in Great Britain

Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain
The Battle of Britain
The Battle of Britain History Site
The Battle of Britain - A German Perspective
Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain
The Battle of Britain History Site
Battle of Britain - The Polish Air Force

The Battle of Britain

German Air force - Luftwaffe


The Luftwaffe, 1933-45
The Deutsche Luftwaffe
Luftwaffe Of The Reich
WWII Luftwaffe Aviation Organization Symbols Key
Special Air Craft Markings
Luftwaffe Score System
Galland's Luftwaffe
The Blitz and World War Two
German Luftwaffe Aces
Luftwaffe Units and operations
Jagdgeschwader Structure
Galland's Luftwaffe
Jagdgeschwader Structure - Unit structures
Jagdwaffe Markings (Pre-War)
Jagdwaffe Single Engine Schemes 1938-1940
Jagdwaffe Tactical Markings
Markings of Germany's Co-Belligerents
JagdGeschwader Emblems
Luftwaffe RLM Colors
Luftwaffe Score System
Luftwaffe Ranks - And equivalent of USAAF and RAF
Luftwaffe Pilot Wings and Operational Clasps
Luftwaffe Cuff Titles
LW - Guns and Cannons
Luftwaffe and Axis Air Forces Forum
The Luftwaffe, 1933-45

The first thousand-bomber raid, Cologne

Pilot Stoyanov and other WW2 Aces of Bulgarien Military - Axis

Bombing of Kassel in World War II
The battle of Berlin

Schweinfurt - The Battle

The WWII Dresden Holocaust
Bombing of Dresden in World War II

Air Power Over the Normandy and Beyond
D-Day Air Operations

Stalking the U-Boat: USAAF Offensive

Operation Chastise Dambuster Raids


644 Squadron - Lost Aircrew
Tarrant Rushton Airfield
Morality of Area Bombing On Germany By Bomber Command
US Strategic Bombing Survey: Summary Report (European War)
RAF BC and USAAF Casualties and Losses
RCAF Bomber Squadrons Overseas
Nazi Article on RAF Bombing Raids 1940
The Strategic Bombing Offensive: New Perspectives
Soviet Night Operations in World War II

New Zealand

New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force - Electronic text

Soviet bombing raids

Bomber Command

British Bombing Strategy in World War Two
RAF Bomber Command
Royal Air Force (RAF) Bomber Command
RAF Bomber Command
Bomber Command
Dambusters - 617 Squadron
Dam Busters: clips from the movie
The Dambusters
The Dambusters Raid - Overview
Guy Gibson - Dambuster Leader
Experiences in Bomber Command - Part 1 - Personal account
Experiences in Bomber Command - Part 2 - Personal account
The WWII Diary of Lancaster Pilot Bruce Johnston
My Father's Website - Sgt Don Bruce 115 Squadron RAF
Ernest Gledhill, a wireless operator with 514 Squadron

Early Operations with Bomber Command

Attacks on the German Fleet
The "Phony" War
The Formation of No. 75 (NZ) Squadron
The Campaign in Norway
The Fall of France
Early Strategic Bombing
The Battle of Britain
The Contribution of New Zealand

Campaign Diary
March 1942
August 1942
September 1943
October 1943
April 1944
August 1944
October 1944
September 1944
February 1945
March 1945

Air war over Germany (1944)

Allied Targets

Battle of Hamburg - Allied bombing offensive (includes list of raids)
Hamburg, 28th July 1943 Raid
Bombing of Augsburg - Germany
Bombing of Berlin - Germany
Bombing of Braunschweig - Germany
Bombing of Bucharest - Romania (bombed by allies and axis)
Bombing of Romania - Bombed by allies and axis
Operation Charnwood - Tactical bombing of Caen
Bombing of Cologne
Cologne bomb damage - Photos
The Attack on Cologne - German view point
Cologne, Thousand bomber raids - 1942
Bombing of Darmstadt - Germany
Holocaust at Dresden - Germany
Bombing of Dresden
Bombing of Dresden - Personal accounts
Dresden Raid - Personal account
Dresden - The Truth about the 1945 Bombing
The Fire-bombing of Dresden - An eye-witness account
Dresden Raid - Photos
Dresden Raid - Gruesome photos
Dresden Raid - Britis, American, German accounts
Bombing of Dublin - Attack on Neutral Ireland
Bombing of Ireland - Bombing Incidents
Frascati bombing raid September 8, 1943 - Italy
Bombing of Gelsenkirchen - Germany
Bombing of Hanau - Germany
Bombings of Heilbronn - Germany
Bombing of Helsinki - Finland (attacked by Soviet Union)
Bombardment of Helsinki - Soviet attacks
Bombing of Hildesheim - Germany
Bombing of Kassel - Germany
The Kassel Mission - 27 September 1944
Kassel Raid - Navigator Robert Tims' account
Disaster at kassel - 27 September 1944
Bombing of Königsberg - Germany
Bombing of Lübeck
Bombing of Mannheim - Germany
Bombing of Naples - Italy
bombing of Nuremberg - Germany
The bombing of Nuremberg
Bombing of Peenemünde - Germany V2 site
Raid on Peenemunde - Personal account by RAF crew member
Peenemunde, 17th and 18th August 1943
Operation Tidal Wave Ploiesti - Rumania
The Siege of Ploiesti - Was a wrong turn made during the raid
August 1943 Raid on Ploesti
Bombing of Pforzheim - Germany
Bombing of Prague - Czechoslovakia
bombing of Prague - Was it a mistake
Prague Raid - Radio Operator/Gunner, 603rd Squadron
Prague Raid - Engineer/TT Gunner 602nd Squadron
Prague Raid - Co-Pilot, 601st Squadron
Bombing of Rome - Italy
Rome Raids - Documents FDR Presidential Library
Bombing of Rothenburg - Germany
The Schweinfurt raids - Germany
B-17 Mission to Schweinfurt - Personal account
Bombing of Schwäbisch - Germany
Bombing of Sofia - Bulgaria
Sofia raids - Battling the bombers, Bulgarian ww2 fighter pilot
Sofia in 1944 afetr the raids - Photos
Bombing of Stuttgart - Germany
Bombing of Tallinn - Soviet raid on Estonia
60th year of Tallinn's Bombing 1944
Bombing of Treviso - Italy
Bombing of Ulm - Germany
Bombing of Vienna - Austria
Bombing of Wesel - Germany
Bombing of Wuppertal - Germany
Bombing of Würzburg - Germany
Würzburg in Flames 1945 - Germany

Axis Targets

Baedeker Blitz - retaliatory raids by Germans on English cities 1942
Belfast Blitz - 1941
Birmingham Blitz
Bristol Blitz
Bombing in the Bristol area
Bristol Blitzed » Bristol at War - 1940 to 1944
Air Raid in Birmingham - Personal account
Clydebank Blitz - Scotland
Coventry Blitz
Coventry Air Raids - Includes a list of victims
Coventry Raids - Lesser know raids
Bombing of Belgrade
Belgrade 41: Hitler’s Attack
Bombing of Bucharest - Romania (bombed by allies and axis)
Bombing of Romania - Bombed by allies and axis
Bombing of Duisburg - Ruhr Germany
Bombing of Essen
Bombing of Frampol - Poland 1939
Bombing Glasgow - Includes photos
Glasgow Raids - School boy remembers
Greenock Blitz - 1941, Scotland
Italian bombings on Palestine
Liverpool Blitz - England
The Liverpool Blitz
Raid on London - Report by Ernie Pyle American correspondent
London blitz of 1940
Timeline - The London Blitz 1940 - 1941
London During the Blitz - Photos
London Docklands and the Blitz - 1940 to 1944
The Blitz - Churchill speech
Firefighting during the Blitz in London
London Raid, 7 September 1940
Bombing Raids on Britain
Raid Over Walthamstow And Leyton - 1944
Diary of Events 17th September - 23th September - England
Battle of Lwów (1939) - Poland
Siege of Malta (1940)
Air Battle for Malta - Mediterranean
1942: Defence of Malta, The Spitfire
The Siege of Malta in World War Two
Manchester Blitz
Manchester Raids
Bombing of Minsk - Russia
Plymouth Blitz - UK
Plymouth Blitz - Eyewitness
Rotterdam Blitz - Holland
Rotterdam Bomb Damage - Photos
Sheffield Blitz - England
Southampton Blitz - England
Southampton Docks in WW2
Southampton in WW2
Bombing of Stalingrad - Russia
Bombing of Warsaw - Poland
Bombing of Warsaw - Summary
Bombing of Wielun - Poland

Asia Pacific Theatre

Air War Pacific - World War II Web Ring
The Air Offensive against Japan, from Saipan and Tinian
Air War Pacific - World War II Web Ring

Atomic Bomb
Atomic Bomb

Hiiroshima : Was it necessary
The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Correspondence Regarding Decision to Drop the Bomb
The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Manhattan project
Top Secret Document on Status of the Bomb

Conventional Bombing Raid on Japan

67 Japanese Cities Firebombed in World War II
Bombing of Kobe - Japan
The Firebombing of Kobe and Osaka - By an allied POW
Firebombing of Japanese Cities
Bombing of Nagoya
Nagaoka Raids
Tokyo's burning
Bombing of Tokyo - Summary
Raid on Tokyo 1945 - Account by Radar Observer USAAF
The Tokyo Fire Raids, 1945
Raids on Tokyo - veteran describes raids
Air Raids on Japanese Cities - Kawasaki, Yokohama and Tokyo
Bombing of Tokyo - Japan (includes list of missions)
March 9 and 10, 1945 Over Tokyo - Includes personal accounts
Raids on Rabaul in November 1943
Bombing of Rabaul (1942)
Bombing of Rabaul (November 1943)
Raid on Taipei - China
B-29 Bombers Operating From Saipan And Tinian

Japanese Kamikaze pilot survives but then grenades himself

Raids on Australia

AP Bombing Raid on Darwin RAAF Airfields
Bombing of Darwin (February 1942)
Darwin raid on 19 February 1942 - Includes list of ships in port
Australia's Pearl Harbor: The Japanese air raid on Darwin
Darwin: Stoker 2nd Class Charlie Unmack - Personal account


US Strategic Bombing Survey

PTO/CBI Pilots of WWII
USAAF Medium BGs, South Pacific

History of Marine Corps Aviation
Suicide Tactics: The Kamikaze During WWII

Aircraft of the Pacific War

Bombing of Chongqing - China 1938 to 1943
Attack on Pearl Harbor - Hawaii (detailed)
The Pearl Harbor Attack - Official U.S. Army history of Pearl Harbor
Ships Present at Pearl Harbor, 0800 7 December 1941
Pearl Harbor Action Reports, 7 Dec 1941
Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941, Additional Action Reports
Oral Histories of the Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941
Reports by Survivors of Pearl Harbor Attack
Pearl Harbor Raid, 7 December 1941 - Photos
US Marines at Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941

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