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Land Warfare - Asia and Pacific Theatre


Medical Services in New Zealand and The Pacific - Electonic book

Iwo Jima
Battles and Campaigns

Pacific Campaign
Asiatic-Pacific Theater
Western Pacific
Battles of the Pacific
Land Battles of the Pacific War
Campaign in the Northern Mariana Islands

Fall of Malaya and Singapore
Battle of Singapore
Battle of Rabaul (1942) - Allies defeated

Battle of Guadalcanal
The Battles for Guadalcanal
Guadalcanal Campaign

The Battle of Saipan

D-Day: The Invasion Of Saipan
The Northern Mariana Islands and World War Two

Battle of Iwo Jima - Wikipedia
Iwo Jima - Sands of Iwo Jima

Battle for Iwo Jima

The Battle of Okinawa
Japan's Battle of Okinawa April-June 1945
Battle of Okinawa - Wikipedia
Japan's Battle of Okinawa, April-June 1945 - Exrensive
The Battle of Okinawa, 1945: Final Turning Point
Battle for Okinawa
Battle of Okinawa, 1945: Final Turning Point

Battle of Tarawa
The Battle For Tarawa
The Marine Assault of Tarawa
The Battle for Tarawa
Tarawa on the Web

Burma and World War Two
Burma and World War Two
Burma, 1942
Sikhs in Burma Campaign
Burma, 1942
Merrill's Marauders - Northern Burma in 1944
South-East Asian Theatre of World War I
Merrill's Marauders: Combined Operations in Northern Burma in 1944

Battling Bastards of Bataan
Raid at Cabanatuan - Wikipedia

The Defence of Rabaul

Philippine Islands
Battle of the Philippines (1941-42 - Wikipedia
Japan Attacks the Philipinnes, 1941- 42
Fighting in Timor, 1942
Was there a Battle for Australia

New Guinea Campaign

The Papua Campaign
US Army Campaign New Guinea
New Guinea Maps
Japanese fortifications in New Guinea
Bougainville campaign of 1943-45
Remembering the war in New Guinea
The Kokoda Track
New Guinea 1943-1944 (Australians)
Kokoda 1942
The Battle for Australia 1942-1943
Australians in Borneo During WWII
Defending the Driniumor: Covering Force Ops in New Guinea, 28MB PDF

Battle of Makin - Wikipedia
Makin to Bougainville: Marine Raiders

Tarawa atoll ww2

Japanes - Soviet Conflict

Nomonhan: Japanese Soviet Tactical Combat 1939 - Extensive
August Storm: The Soviet 1945 Strategic Offensive in Manchuria - Detailed
August Storm: Soviet Tactical and Operational Combat in Manchuria, 1945


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