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Land Warfare - European Theatre


The Second World War Experience Centre
WW2 Combined Ops good
Waffen SS Campaigns
Battle Maps day by day maps - Detailed
German Army Battles & Campaigns - Detailed
Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy - Electonic book
New Zealand Engineers, Middle East - Electonic book
British anti-invasion preparations

Invasion of Poland

The attack on Poland
The German Invasion of Poland
1939: Germany invades Poland

Operation Barbarossa
The Eastern Front

Campaigns and Battles

RKKA in World War II - Russan Army (RKKA) very extensive
Eastern Front - Wikipedia
Soviet Invasion of Poland
The Soviet Offensive July 1943 - May 1945
Timeline of the Eastern Front - Extensive
Operation Barbarossa in WWII
World War II in Ukraine good
Red Army Blew Away Hitler's Wehrmacht
The Dukla pass Czechoslovak
Partisan War and Reprisal Killings
Partisan War and Reprisal Killings Russia

Invasion of the Soviet Union, June 1941
Petsamo-Kirkenes: Soviet Breakthrough and Pursuit in the Arctic, Oct 1944
German Experiences in Russia - Operations of Encircled Forces - Detailed.
Operation Barbarossa - Eastern Front combat history
War in the Soviet Union
Red Army Blew Away Hitler's Wehrmacht

Heavy artillery at Leningrad
Nevskij Bridge-head near Leningrad - One of the bloodiest battles of WW2

The Battle Of Kursk
Kursk - July, 1943 - Extensive
Battle of Kursk
Kursk - July, 1943
Soviet Defensive Tactics at Kursk, July 1943

The Battle for Stalingrad - Detailed
Battle of Stalingrad
Battle of Stalingrad

Battle of Krasny Bor 1943 - Between 250th Inf Div and Soviet 55th Army
Battle of Krasny Bor (10 Feb 1943)

The Battle for Berlin
Battle for Berlin - Wikipedia

Battles That Defined the German-Russian War
World War II in - Extensive
Waffen SS: Killing of Jews in the Pripet Marshes

Battle of Breslau (1945)

Strategy, Tactics, Commentary

Standing Fast: German Defensive Doctrine on the Russian Front
Was the German attack on USSR military folly
My Take on the Russo-German War
Busting the Bocage: American Combined Arms Op in France, June-July 44

Western Front - 1940-41

Fortress Eben Emael 1940 - Attack by Pionier Battaillon (mot) 51
Glider assault on Eben Emael
The Fall of Belgian fortress of Eben Emael

The Fall of Britany 1940
Battle of France Wikipedia
Battle of France
The Invasion of France

The port of Dunkirk in WWII
Battle of Dunkirk
Operation Sealion & the Battle of Britain
Battle of Dunkirk
The Miracle of Dunkirk Reconsidered
Battle of Dunkirk -
The port of Dunkirk in WWII

Battle of Dieppe - Links
The OSS and Italian Partisans

French Resistance
French Resistance
French Resistance
French Resistance
French Resistance - Wikipedia

Dieppe Raid
Dieppe Raid Wikipedia
The Dieppe Raid:
The Dieppe Raid August 19, 1942


Crete - New Zealand history
The Battle for Crete
New Zealand forces in Greece - Electonic book

North Africa

Desert Warfare: German Experience WW II
Operation Torch
Operation Torch - Wikipedia
North African Invasion (Operation TORCH)
World War 2 in Africa
World War 2 in Africa
North Africa
North Africa Campaign
Operation Torch
Egypt in The Second World War
Battle for Egypt - New Zealand history
The Battle of El Alamein
Battles of Alam Halfa and Alamein - New Zealand history
Battles of Bardia to Enfidaville - New Zealand history
Desert War
Second World War - North Africa
Intelligence In North Africa
Operation Torch
British Army in North Africa and Italy
North African Campaign
Operation Torch
Desert Warfare: German Experiences - Major General Toppe
9th Australian Div v. the Africa Corps: Infantry Against Tobruk, Libya, 1941

Western Front - 1944-45

Battle of France & World Events Timeline
The Battle of France - 1944

Battle for Caen - A German Perspective
The battle for Caen
Battle for Caen
Operation Goodwood – July 18th-20th 1944
Operation Goodwood -- 18 July 1944
Operation Goodwood - Wikipedia

Defending Arnhem - Detailed site
Battle of Aachen - Wikipedia
Taking Aachen
Defending Arnhem
Remember September '44 - Detailed
Market-Garden tour of former landing zones and battlefields - Many Photos
Market Garden - A Bridge to Far - Multi media, images, and more
The Battle of Arnhem Archives - Extensive
The Liberation of Majdanek

The Italian Campaign - Life at the Front Lines - 85th Custer Division
Historia - Italian site largely dealing with Cassino
The 1st Airborne Division in Sicily
African American 92nd Infantry Division Fought in Italy
The Sicilian Campaign - 1943
Operation “Avalanche” Salerno, Italy

First and Second Battles at Monte Cassino
Third Battle at Monte Cassino
Fourth Battle at Monte Cassino
Battle of Monte Cassino Quiz page
Polish 2nd Corps at Monte Cassino
Monte Cassino and the Italian Campaign
Battle of Monte Cassino - Wikipedia
The Battle of Monte Cassino - Extenive
Brief History of the Battles od Monte Cassino
Monte Cassino - Italian site
Dal Vortuno A Cassino - Cassino & Gustav Line site (in Italian)
Gemmano 1944. Part 1 : the Gothic Line and the Operation Olive
Gothic Line - Linea Gotica

Allied invasion of Sicily
The Italian Campaign
Italy Volume I: The Sangro to Cassino (NZ)
Italy Volume II : From Cassino to Trieste (NZ)
Anzio 1944
The Landing and Battle at Anzio

BBC Battlefields: " Monte Cassino " 1 of 6 (2 to 6 will follow soon)

Katyn Forest Massacre
Poland in WWII
Polish Jews in World War II

Massacres and Atrocities in Eastern Europe
Monument to the Murdered Polish of Kresy
Poland & World War II 1939-1945
Polish Army
Polish Victims of World War Two
Waffen SS Attack Jewish Resistance in Warsaw

Battle of Hurtgen Forest
The Battle of the Hurtgen Forest
Normandy 6 June-24 July 1944 1944 The Battle for Normandy - detailed
Juno Beach - The Canadians On D-Day France - Detailed
The Cities of Normandy - Military activity around those cities
The 6th Airborne Division in Normandy
Normandy 1944
The main phases of the Battle of Normandy
The Normandy invasion France 1944

The Battle of Normandy France
The Invasion of Normandy
Encyclopædia Britannica Normandy Landings 1944
The Battle for Normandy 1944
Operation Overlord
D Day June 1944 to Victory
D Day Relevant Links - Extensive Links
D DAY 60TH Anniversary
British regiment in Normandy - Selected units
British D Day Casualties: 6th June 1944
D Day casualty estimates, allies - 1944 d-day
4th Armored Division in the Encirclement of Nancy - Detailed
Jedburgh Team Operations in Support of the 12th Army Group, August 1944
Lorraine Campaign: An Overview, September-December 1944
Battle of Lingevres - Normandy Campaign - 50th. Northumbrian Division
The British Army in Normandy 1944 - Includes list of British KIA on D-Day
D Day   - Hour by hour, photographs, personal accounts
Hill112 memorial Normandy 1944 - Battle around Caen
Omaha Beachead - Electonic Book - detailed
Association Sannerville 1944-2004 - Normandy - French
6 Juin 1944 Normandy - French
DDay in Rete - Sito sullo sbarco in normandia - Italian
Normandy battle: Recent and WWII pictures, Veterans Stories
Juin 1944 un vent de liberté - French
Le débarquement de Normandie - French
Le débarquement de Normandie du 6 juin 1944 - French
German Defences Normandy
Operation Overlord - Plans and Preparation

The Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge
Ardennes Offensive - French lanuage site
Battle of the Bulge
Battle of the Bulge - Wikipedia
Battle of the Bulge
Battle of the Bulge, Northern Shoulder
Bastogne: The Story of the First Eight Days Book
Ardennes-Alsace 16 Dec 1944-25 Jan 1945
Dakota Squadron Market Garden Story
Division Artillery History - Artillery at Bastogne
101st Airborne Division's Defense of Bastogne
C E B A = Battle of the Bulge reseach site - Luxembourg

Battle of Metz, CSI Battlebook
Roer to the Elbe With the 1st Medical Group: Medical Support

Strategy, Tactics

Blitzkrieg (Lightning War)
Second World War: Blitzkrieg
The Concept of Blitzkrieg

Personal Accounts

German Soldiers Memoir of the Eastern Front
Platoon Leader in Patton's Army
War Stories of World War Two, Holland


World War 2 Battles --
European Theater
Wehrmacht in Yugoslavia

Tank Warfare

Panzer Battles
ww2 German tanks met their master
Tiger Tank Battalions during WWII

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