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WW2 Reenacting Society
Vereniging Historische Militaria
Welcome to WWII Reenacting
The WWII Group
Reenacting Page
All Fronts Re-enactment Association - UK
Bund Deutscher Madel - Historical research and online archive
WW2 LHA is an association - (UK)
WW2 Reenacting Information - International
The 39-45 Living History Society - Mixture of allies and axis reenactors
UK Homefront - Re-enactors who portray the British homefront
Kompanie 1 WWII Re-enactment Society - US, German and British - UK
All fronts Reenactment Association, 20th Century - UK
VZW Frontleven 40-45 (mixed) - Holland
Dutch Resistance 1940/1945 - Holland
Compañía Histórica 2éme. DB: “La Nueve” - Spanish Republican soldiers that fought with the 2nd Free French Armoured Division, also known as the “Leclerc Division”



History of the Home Guard 1940 to 1944 (UK)
Home Front Friends (UK)

1st Airborne Recce Squadron (UK) ***
1st (Airborne) Reconnaissance Sqd (UK)
British 1st Airborne - West Coast USA
First Allied Airbourne Association UK
3rd Parachute Brigade WWII British
Summer of 44 British Airborne LHG (UK)
The Normandy Arnhem Society (UK)
A Coy,7th (L.I.)Para Bn, 6th Airborne Div
6th Airborne Division - 7th (Light Inf) Parachute Battalion
6th Airborne Div, 3rd Para Brig, 9th Batt, A Coy - OK, KS, MO, & AR
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion HQ Coy - US
Lovats Scouts - UK

4th Indian Division (UK)
80th Inf. Div. Memorial Association
Leicestershire Regiment, 49th Division (UK)
4th Wiltshire's Living History Group (UK)
5th Duke Of Cornwall Regiment 43rd Div (UK)
Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - USA
The 2nd Battalion Devonshire Regiment WW2 LHA - (UK)
lst battalion the 'The Hampshire Regiment - (UK)
2nd Battalion The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, 1939-1945 US
7th Battalion, The Black Watch 1939-45 Living History Association US
15th (Scottish) Division Research Website
19th Regiment of Foot, The Green Howards - Northern CA
Black Watch - Germany
Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry - Texas
Queen's Own Rifles (Canada) - US
4 Commando Re-enactment Group (UK)
2/2 6th Australian Division, 2nd AIF - "Diggers" Indiana, USA & Australia
The King's Own Scottish Borderers, 7th Indian Div, Burma - Texas
Coldstream Guards - Chicagoland

Ack Ack Living History Group (UK)
The Garrison WW2 LHG - Royal Artillery (UK)

Forgotten Tommies War against Japan (UK)
Redcaps at War MPs Living History (UK)
Victory in Europe Reenactment Association (UK)
Evacuees Elite, group of children aged 2-15 (UK)
4JAS Re-enactment & LH Association (UK)
An Airfield Somewhere LHG RAF (UK)
The Grey Funnel Line - Naval (UK)
Balloon Barrage Reunion Club (UK)
"Soldier Blue" R.A.F Regiment and other R.A.F specialist units - (UK)
Hartlepool's Youth History and Reenactment Group - (UK) 1914-1945
Historical research Italian & Mediterranean (UK)
Glamorgan Home Guard | LIVING HISTORY GROUP (UK)


Special Forces

First Special Service Force Living History (UK)
First Special Service Force Living History Group - US and Canada

2nd Rangers NWHA
2nd Ranger Battalion US St. Louis Missouri
2nd Rangers, 5th Battalion, WW2 Airsoft Combat Team
2nd Ranger Battalion, Fox Company Re-enactment Group SE USA
5th Rangers "E" Company - Michigan
5th Ranger Battalion - East Coast & Midwest

Hardscrabble Farm - WWII GI Research and Information
The Yanks Living History Group - Static display, UK.
U.S. Army Ground Forces in WW2 - Multi-impression unit, Colorado
Normandia 44 - US infantry and airborne troops, Poland
US Military Women Historical Impressions - East Coast
12th Army Group HQ, Women's Army Corps Detachment - Midwest

Infantry and Armour

1st Infantry Division
1st Infantry Division US (UK)
World War Two Living History Association - (UK) ****
1st Division Dog Company - 16th US Infantry - - Buffalo, New York
1st Infantry Division, 2/18 - Pacific Northwest (under construction)
1st Division, 18th Regiment, (the Big Red One) Poland
1st Division, Third Squad: WW2 US Army Reenacting Unit, - US
1st Infantry Division, Company K, 16th Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division WWII Reenactors - Belgium

2nd Iinfantry Division.D. 9th Regiment "Mannchu's" CA
2nd Division, A-Co., 23rd Regiment (HRS): NE & IA.
2nd Division, B-Co., 1/38th Regiment: Florida
2nd Division, K-Co., 3/38th Regiment Florida
2nd Armored Division, C Company, 82nd Recon Battalion - (UK)
2nd Armored Division - California
2nd armored Division Hell on wheels - Belgium
2nd Armored in Europe - Europe (site will be moving soon)

3rd Division, 115 Inf Regiment - Florida
3rd infantry Division, 115th Regiment, I-Company - California
3rd Armored Division, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment - - Northwest

4th Division Living History Group - (UK)
4th Infantry Division Military Police Platoon - North East
4th Division, 1/D-Co., 8th Infantry Regiment - Midwest
4th Infantry Division, 22nd Regiment, "E" company - Indiana
4th Armored Division Historic Preservation Group - PA, NJ, NY, MD & DE
4th Armored Historical Group - "Name Enough" - OH & PA

8th Division, 28th Regiment - Virginia

9th Infantry Division Association
9th Infantry Division
9th Infantry Division - California, USA

10th Mountain Division Living History Display Group - Indiana
24th Infantry (Pre 1942) - Wisconsin

26th "Yankee" Division World War Two Re-Enactors - Northeast
26th Division, B-Co., 104th Infantry Regiment - Northeast & Czech Republic

28th Division, Company L, 109th Infantry Regiment - Eastern US
28th Infantry Division The 'Bloodybucket' - PA
29th Division (UK), 116th Regiment, C Coy
29th Division Living History Group - South-East
30th Infantry Division WWII HPS - Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri
30th Infantry Division, 117th Infantry Regiment - HRS - Minnesota
30th Division, 117th Infantry Regiment, L Company - East Coast
30th Infantry Division, 117 Reg, Baker Company - Tennessee
30th Division, 105th Engineer Combat Battalion - MN
35th Division, 134th Infantry Regiment - Midwest
35th Division, 320th Infantry Regiment:- East Coast
36th Division - Indiana
36th Division, B-Co., 1/141st Infantry - Texas
45th Infantry Division - NJ and Pennsylvania
70th Tank Battalion/Roberts Armory - Midwest
78th Infantry Division WWII Living History Association - Pennsylvania (US)
78th Division Veterans Association
83rd Division, B-Co., 329th RCT - East Coast
83rd Division, 329th Infantry Regiment - Ohio
84th Division, Company H, 334th Infantry Regiment - Midwest
90th Division, 358th Regiment - Ohio & PA
99th Division, E-Co. - Pennsylvania
359th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division - (US)


82nd Airborne Division, D-Company, 505 PIRU.S. - (UK)
82nd Airborne Division, D-Co., 505th PIR - Louisiana
82nd Airborne Division, 504th PIR - Midwest
82nd Airborne Division 508th Para IR & 325th Glider IR - Northwest
82nd Airborne Division, G-Co., 505th PIR - Indiana
82nd Airborne Division, Co. F, 325th GIR - Indiana
82nd Airborne Division, 3/505th PIR - Washington & Oregon
82nd Airborne Division, 504th PIR - Czech Republic
82nd Airborne Division, B-Co., 3/504th PIR (Pathfinder) - Kentucky
101st Airborne Div US Paratroop Glider Troop
101st Airborne, US Forces and Women's Army Corps - (UK)
101st Airborne Division - Screaming Eagles LHG (UK)
101st Airborne Division, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment,
101st Airborne Division, 501st PIR - TN, GA, and AL
101st Airborne Division, 3rd Platoon, B-Co., 1/502nd PIR - Illinois
101st Airborne Division, B-Co., 1/502nd PIR -  Texas.
101st Airborne Division, HQ., 502nd PIR 327th GIR -  Ohio
101st Airborne Division, E-Co, 2/506th PIR & 401st GIR  - Illinois/Midwest.
101st Airborne Division, 327th GIR - NE Ohio.
101st Airborne Division, C.Co, 1/327th GIR - Michigan/Indiana.
101st Airborne Division, 401st GIR - Wisconsin.
101st Airborne Division, I-Co., 501st PIR - Arizona
101st Airborne Division, F-Co., 2/502nd PIR - Minnesota
101st Airborne Division, 506th PIR: - East Coast
101st Airborne Division, A-Co., 506th PIR & 401st GIR: - MI, OH, & PA
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 506th PIR - New York
101st Airborne Div, E-Co., 2/506th PIR & 1st BN 401st GIR - Midwest.
101st Airborne Division, E-Co., 2/506th PIR  - PA, MD, and NJ.
101st Airborne Division, E-Co. 327th Glider Infantry Reg - Washington, DC
101st Airborne Division, 1/327th GIR - IN

551st Parachute Infantry Battalion - Midwest
17th Airborne Division, 513th PIR - Florida

The First Allied Airborne Association (UK)
Thunder-From-Heaven - Airborne (UK)
All American Pathfinders (UK)
The First Allied Airborne Army - (UK)


War Time Living (N.I.) (UK)
514th QM Truck Regiment
Blitzkrieg Baby - Women in Uniform (American)
60th Infantry Regiment - Research and presevation
6th Cavalry Group, Troop, 3rd Army Reenactment Group - New Jersey
106th Cavalry Group - Ohio.
California Historical Group
American GI: U.S. Army Ground Forces in World War II
Unit A, 50th Field Hospital USA - (UK)
113th Cavalry Regiment, A Living History Unit
33rd Signal Construction Battalion WW2 Reenactors - North East
Normandy 44 - 2nd Rangers and 102nd Cavalry (UK)
51st Combat Engineer Bn

USAAF Living History Group - Vermont.
3rd Raider Battalion, C-Co. USMC - Illinois.
China Marines, K 3/23 USMC - Midwest


RKKA Headquarters, WW2 reenacting Russian Infantry - North West
The 3rd Rifle Division - Red Army - US
13th Guards Rifle Division (UK)
13th Siberians, 62nd Army - Great Lakes US
2nd Guards Rifle Division (UK)
8th Guards Mechanized Corps - Midwest, Center and Texas.
39th Guards Division - Ohio
95th Rifle Division /75th Guards Rifle Division - Indiana
253rd Rifle Regiment, 45th Division - Great Lakes
150th Rifle Division (CHG) - California
193rd Rifle Division - East Coast
197th Guards - Florida and Georgia
343rd Rifle Division - Midwest
20th Guards Mechanized Brigade - Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico
2nd Squad/21st Mechanized/8th Guards - Central US


Army Group South - Reenactment in Australia
Großdeutschland, 7 Kompanie - East Coast
Beltring War & Peace website
Ostbattalion, 352.Infanteriedivision - Singapore
1./Feldgendarmerie Abt. 541 - "Chain-dog" New England
Grenadier Regiment 980 - PA, NJ, and New England
25.Panzergrenadier Division - Indiana and Illinois
45.Infanterie-Division, 135.Regiment - NJ, DE and PA
15.Infanterie Regiment, 29.Panzer Grenadier Division - Tennessee
Axis WWII Discussion Group
Panzeraufklärungs-Abteilung 11 / 11.Panzer-Division - East Coast
2.Kompanie, Panzergrenadier Reg 110, 11.Panzer Division  - US
Der Erste Zug - 352nd, 272nd, 71st, 11th Infanterie Divisions - East Coast
Kriegspfarrer, portrayal of the German Chaplain - US

1st SS Panzer Division, "Die Leibstandarte" - (US)
1.LSSAH, Aufklärungs Abteilung 1, 1st SS Panzer Division - Texas.
Schwere SS-Panzerabteilung 101 - Europe
1.SS-Division "LSSAH", Aufklärungs Abteilung 1 - Arizona
1.SS-Division, 11.Komp., 2.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment - East Coast
1.SS-Division "LSSAH", 2./SS-Pionier Battalion 1 - East Coast
2.SS-Division "Das Reich", 2.SS-Panzer Aufklärungs - Nth East & Canada
2.SS-Division "Das Reich", SS-Panzer Pionier Bat. 2 - Idaho
Second Battle Group - English
4th.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment "Der Führer" - Michigan, Indiana, & Illinois
4th SS Panzer Grenadier Division - New Jersey, East Coast
2nd.SS Division, "Das Reich" - Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois
2nd.SS Panzerdivision, "Das Reich" - Minnesota
2.SS Division "Das Reich" - New England
2nd SS division "Das Reich
2.SS Division “Das Reich” - East Coast
2nd SS Panzer Division
2./SS-Panzer Pionier Bat. 5, 5.SS Division, "Wiking" - US
6.SS-Gebirgs-Division "Nord" - IN
9.Kompanie, 3.SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment, "Deutchland" - New England
9.SS-Division "Hohenstaufen" -  East Coast
12.Kompanie, 3.SS-Panzergrenadier Rgt. “Deutschland” - East Coast
9.SS Division, "Hohenstaufen" - East-coast US.
9./20.SS-PanzGren Reg, 9.SS Division, "Hohenstaufen"  Michigan & Indiana
10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg 3rd Kompanie Reconnaissance
7.Kp, II./23.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment "Norge" - Ohio
12.SS Division, "Hitlerjungend" 25th PG, Kompnie 4 - Minnesota
12th. SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 25, Kompanie 1 - East Coast
12.SS-Division "Hitlerjugend" (CHG): California
14th SS division Galicia (Nr.1 Ukrainian) 30th SS regiment - California
16.SS-Division, "Reichsführer-SS" - Australia
1.Kompanie, I./Panzergrenadier Rgt. 25, 12.SS "Hitlerjugend" - UK
17.SS Division, "Götz von Berlichingen" - Arizona.
17.SS Division, "Götz von Berlichingen" - Pennsylvania
SS-Panzer Aufklärungs Abt. 17, "Götz von Berlichingen" - Pennsylvania
102. schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung, Aufklarungs-Zug - PA & OH.
British Free Corps - Based in OH specializing in British volunteers in the SS
5th SS Wiking German Reenactment
SS Fallschrimjäger Batl. 500/600 (UK)
SS-Fallschirmjäger Bat. 500 & 600 - Florida
99th SS Fallshirmjäger Einsatzgruppen - National
Totenkopf - UK

German Navy (Kriegsmarine)
Kriegsmarine Küstenabteilung - TX & OK
Kriegsmarine Küstenabteilung Atlantik, Coastal Artillery - France

Axis Re-enactment Society - Das Reich

2nd Panzer Division - Chicagoland & Midwest
2nd Panzerdivision, Panzergrenadier Regiment 2 - SE Canada
2nd Panzerdivision, 38.Panzer Pionier Bat - Combat enginee, Ohio
3.Panzer Grenadier Division - 8.Regiment(mot) - Northeast US
4th.Gebirgsjäger Division - Midwest
5th.Gebirgsjäger Division, GJR.100 - Ohio
11th Panzer-Division, Panzeraufklärungs-Abteilung 11 - East Coast
11th Panzer Division, 1./Panzerjäger Abt. 61 - CO & NM
21st Panzer Division - California
21st Panzerdivision, Pz.Gren.Regiment.192 - Germany
33rd Infantry Division, Infanterie Regiment 104 - Midwest
29th Panzergrenadier Division, Infanterie Regiment 15 -  Tennessee.
44th Infantry Division, Inf Reg 134, "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" - Southeast
44th Infantry Division, Regiment 131 - North Carolina
45th Infanterie-Division, Infanterie Regiment 135 - NJ, NY and PA
79th Infanterie-Division, 3.Kompanie, Infanterie-Regiment 226 - East Coast
98th Infanterie-Division - Florida
116th Panzerdivision "Windhund", 3./PzJgAbt. 228 - Germany
116th Panzer Division, Panzer Grenadier Regiment "Windhund" - Midwest
116th Panzer Division, Windhund - (UK) ****
116 Panzer Division, 60 PzGrReg, 3 Komp - Holland
216th Infantry Division, Grenadier Regiment 980  - PA, NJ, & New England
250th Infanterie-Division, Spanish Blue Division - Ohio
272 Infanterie Division - US Pacific Northwest, Oregon
272.Volksgrenadier Division (e-mail link) - PA
352nd Infanterie-Division - OH
352nd Infantry Division, OstBattalion43 - Singapore
1/Kp Panzer Grenadier Division Página principal - Spain
7 Kompanie Grossdeutschland - USA
Gefechtstroß - Großdeutschland Combat Trains - USA
AG Panzer Grenadier Regiment 192 - Germany

Panzergrenadier Regiment 110, USA
1./Feldgendarmerie Abt. 541 - New England

15th Reg/29th Panzergrenadier Tennessee
43rd Sturm Pionier Florida

134th Grenadier Regiment Hoch-und Deutschmeister - Atlanta

1/Feldgendarmerie Abt.541
Grenadier Regiment 980
Panzergrenadier Regiment 110, 11 Panzer Div

Axis 42, Mediterranean, Paratroopers (UK)
Fallschirmjaeger Regiment of Washington
Pionier-Batallion 1, 1.Fallschirmjäger Division -  Pennsylvania
Luftlande Sturmregiment - New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & New York
Fallschirmpionierbattalion 5 - Germany
5./Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6 - Midwest & East Coast
15th Kompanie - Fallschirmjäger Regiment 5 - California
Fallschirm-Pionier-Battalion 5 - Germany
Traditionskompanie Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6 - German
2.Kompanie,Fusilier Batalion.16,16.Luftwaffe Field Division (E-mail link) NC
II/Panzergrenadier Regiment 1, Panzer Division "Hermann Göring" - US
Luftwaffe Aircrew Reenactors Association - Living history group US
18.Feld Division (Luftwaffe) "Göring's Grenadiers" US
Fallschirmjäger Regiment 19, 7 Fallschirmjäger Division - Midwest
Greendevils - Fallschirmjäger Kampfgruppe Martz - East Coast
8th and 18th Luftwaffe Field Division - Eastern States
3.K, Fallschirm-Pionier-Bat 1, 1.Fallschirmjäger Division - Pennsylvania
Luftlande Sturmregiment - New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & New York
2.Fallschirmjäger Division - Mid-West
16.Luftwaffe Felddivision, 1.Kompanie, Fusilier Battalion 16 - Southeast
17.Luftwaffe Felddivision - California
Luftwaffe Aircrew Reenactors Association - US
Ramcke Fallschirmjager Brigade - UK
IG Fallschirmpioniere - Germany
4th Gebirgsjäger Division, TSG
The Frontline Association - Mainly portraying Fallschirmjager Regiment 9

Infantry Reg 27, 12th Infantry Div (UK) Currently offline
2/Pz.Aufkl.Abt Grossdeutschland (UK)
916 Grenadier Regiment (UK)

2nd Battlr Group SS (UK)
Battle Group South (Ireland)
Sanitätsabteilung 82 - Medical Unit
Feldgendarmerie 39 - 45 Military Police (UK)

The Herman Goring Living History Ass (UK)
Luftwaffe Society (UK)
27th Regiment, 12th Infantry Division, Das Heer (UK)
Tiger 1, Kampfgruppe StahlKrieger - Panzer crews & panzergrenadiers (UK)
Ramcke Fallschirmjager Brigade - Afrika Corps (UK)
Green Devils of Carentan FJR6 - German paratroopers (UK)
2nd Panzer Division, Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82 - Military police (UK)
Panzer Füsilier Regiment Großdeutschland - (UK)
2/Pz.Aufkl.Abt.Grossdeutschland - (UK)
2/KP Panzer Grenadier Rgt Großdeutschland - (UK)
10 SS Division "Frundsberg", 21 Reg, 3 Komp. - UK
Sturmgeschütz Brigade XII Motorised artillary - (UK)
The 39-45 Living History Society - Mainly german, includes one british (UK)
Kompanie1: WWII Re-enactment Society - Includes the following:
*** 12th SS Panzer Division ***
*** Fallschrimjäger Regiment 3 ***
*** Panzer Lehr Division ***
*** US 82nd Airborne ***
*** SS Field Police ***
*** Royal Norfolks ***

352nd infantry division - Coming soon (UK)

Mediterraneo WW2 Italian Reenactment - (UK)
Battaglione Para Nembo - RSI paratroopers NY
Battaglione "IX Settembre" - " Black shirt" OH


9th Romanian Infantry Division - Mid-Atlantic region


Suomen Armeija KEV OS.4, 2nd Corps, 4th Division, Army Of The Isthmus - 4th Light Unit (fast-attack unit) from the Winter War of 1939-40 and the Continuation War of 1941-44.


Japanese reenactment association (UK)
Imperial Japanese Army Reenactors - The first website for IJA reenacting
3rd Platoon, Imerial Japanese Army - Arizona
5th Division, Imperial Japanese Army - Singapore.


1st Independent Parachute Brigade - East Coast
10th Dragoons, 1st Armored Division - East Coast & Midwest groups
1st Infantry Division "Tadeusza Kosciuszki - Russian front, Chicago
Polish Army, September 1939 - Chicagoland

Aircraft Presevation

Aviation Archaeology
Avro Lancaster Bomber Restoration Project
Warbird Photos, Warbirds in Ontario Canada
Fighter Factory - WWII Aircraft Recovery and Restoration
Hawker Restorations Ltd
Warbirds Restoration - hurricane, spitfire and lancaster
Pacific Wreck Database
Halifax Appreciation Society Homepage
Luft '46 - WWII German aircraft projects
The Stirling Project
WWII Wrecks, History & Archeology
B-17 Preservation Ltd - The Sally B Web Site
Palm Springs, Museum Flying WWII Aircraft
PBY Catalina Foundation
Neptune Association
National Capitol Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight


Northwest Historical Association (NWHA) -
The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships
Arnhem Battle Research Group
Bussum Bridgehead 1997
Memphis Belle Memorial Association
The Official Memphis Belle Web Site
Long Range Desert Group Society
Pearl Harbor History Associates
Battle of Britain Historical Society
Army Air Forces Historical Association
Camp Gordon Johnston Association - Training for D-Day
Arnhem Battle Research Group
Battlefiel Relics of WW2
American D-day - Pays homage to the Americans, who fought 06 June 1944
Second World War Society - Aims to produce a regular magazine/bulletin
Pearl Harbors Survivors Project - Sharing and immortalizing their stories
Guadalcanal Battle Sites

12 SS Reenactors-CHG California


WWII axis reenactment forum Forums
C.R.I.B.A. Forum - Battle of the Bulge
World War II, analyzed! forum
World War II Forums
The Airborne Soldier Forum
Tanks in World War 2 Forum
Axis History Forum
Wild Bill Guarnere.Community 101st Airborne, 506 PIR, Easy Company
World War 2 Talk


USS Cavalla SS 244 Submarine - Cavalla Historical Foundation, USA

Games - Combat Mission and other PC wargames
Combat Mission HQ - Official website of the tactical game
CMMC 2- Operations in the East
Grossdeutschland for Combat Mission - Barbarossa to Berlin
TOMMY: The British Soldier in Combat Mission
The Med: The first website devoted to Combat Mission:Afrika Korps
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps - Battlefront, North Africa, Sicily and Italy
Flames Of War - website for the new set of WW2 wargame rules
Rapid Fire! WWII Wargaming Rules
Battlefront WW2 - Website for the US designed rule set, for 15mm games
End of Empires - Multiplayer strategy game, Alternate Second World War
GODs Close Combat Links - links to all the various versions
Wargames Journal - On-line Wargames magazine
Frontline Observer - WW2 on-line wargames magazine
Chris Kemp's Not Quite Mechanised - Operational Level WWII game
Blitzkrieg Commander - WW2 rule set for 15mm or smaller

Annual Events

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's WW II Weekend

Book Reference (for Juno Beach the Canadians on D-Day)


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