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Land Forces
The Armies of World War Two

US Army Rangers *
Rangers: Selected Combat Operations in World War II
Heroes: the Army
United States Army
Bief History US Army in WWII
US Army in World War Two
US Army in WW2- Extensive Links

The US Army in World WarII
The United States Army Air Force
Army Men World War - Links
Army Operational Rations - Multi-war
Battalion Organisation
Battalion Organisation in WW2


Paratroopers and World War Two
Paratroopers Poems of WWII
Fallschirmjager, The German Paratroopers
Fallschirmjagers of The Luftwaffe - Paratrooper Hunter
Weapons and Equipment of the Fallschirmjäger
Parachutists, German (WWII U.S. Intelligence Bulletin, September 1942)
Fallschirmjäger - German Paratroopers
Fallschirmjäger - Italy
Fallschirmjäger on the Eastern Front 1941-1945
Luftwaffe Ground Troops - Infantry troops within the German Air Force

The Italian Army
Italian Army

British Army in WW II
British Divisions in World War II - Detailed
British Divisions 1939-45
Royal Pioneer Corps & Royal Pioneer AssociationI *
The Pegasus Archive - British Airborne Forces - Very extensive

Red Army - Wikipedia - German Army
German Army
World War 2 German Units > Army
The German Wehrmacht
German Army Radio
German Background - World War Two
German Army Cavalry in World War Two
German Military Forces
Panzers of The Reich - Panzer tanks
Fallschirmjäger - German Paratroopers
Waffen SS - Wikipedia
The German SS/Waffen-SS in WWII
Axis History Factbook: Waffen SS
Hitler’s Foreign Legion: Waffen SS
The SS
German War Machine
SS, SA and Gestapo
Germany Orders of Battle

Infantry Brigadier - New Zealand infantry in WW2
List of Maps Battle in North Africa, Greece, Italy etc (NZ forces)

The Japanese Army
Australia–Japan Research Project - Resource for historians and others

Supply Company New Zealand Army - Electonic book

Seek, Strike, and Destroy: U.S. Army Tank Destroyer Doctrine 15MB
A Comparative Look at Air-Ground Support Doctrine and Practice in WW2
World War II Division Commanders
Tactical Responses to Concentrated Artillery
Deep attack ops: Operation Bagration, Belorussia, 22 June - 29 Aug 1944
US Army World War II Corps Commanders- A Composite Biography

Royal Artillery 1939-45
The British Armoured Regiment Structure
Supplying North Africa
High Command Disputes and Interference North Africa
Diverted and Committed Troops North Africa

Gulf War
Falklands War
Vietnam War
World War Two
World War One
Zulu Wars
Civil War
Napoleonic Wars
War of 1812
Revolutionary War
Roman Wars
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