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The Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815)
Napoleonic wars - Wikipedia Extensive
The Napoleonic Guide's
Napoleonic wars - Wikipedia
Napoleonic Wars - Encarta
Napoleonic Wars - Wikipedia
Napoleon's Rise
Napoleonic Wars
War against Napoleon

British War Poetry

Napoleonic War Timetable

Napoleonic Wars in Slovenia
Finland in the Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Wars OnLine - Game
The Napoléonic Wars - Game


Land Warfare
Film Waterloo - Part 1

Battle of Waterloo

Battle of Waterloo

Film Waterloo - Part 2

Battle of Abensberg
Battle of Almonacid
Peninsular War
Battle of Arcis-sur-Aube
Battle of Jena-Auerstedt
Battle of Austerlitz
Battle of Bautzen
Battle of Borodino
Battle of Brienne
Battle of Burgos
Battle of Champaubert
Battle of Ciudad-Real
Battle of Copenhagen (1807)
Battle of Craonne
Battle of Dresden
Battle of Eckmühl
Battle of Elvina
Battle of Espinosa
Battle of Aspern-Essling
Battle of Eylau
Battle of Friedland
Battle of Fuentes de Onoro
Battle of Jena-Auerstedt
Battle of Laon
Battle of Leipzig
Battle of Leipzig 1813
Battle of Lützen (1813)
Battle of Marengo (1800)
Battle of Medellín
Battle of Montereau
Battle of Montmirail
Battle of Mormans
Battle of Ocana
Battle of Raszyn
Battle of Salamanca
Battle of St-Dizier
Battle of Toulouse (1814)
Battle of Tudela
Battle of Ucles (1809)
Battle of Vauchamps
Battle of Vimeiro
Battle of Vitoria
Battle of Wagram


Napoleonic Peninsular Campaign
French Infantry
Napoleon's guard Cavalry
Napoleon, his Army
British Infantry - "The Redcoats"
Napoleon, His Army and Enemies Detailed
Virtual Battle of Borodino

Naval Warfare

The Naval War
Battle of Trafalgar
Battle of Trafalgar
The Battle of Trafalgar
British Royal Navy During the Napoleonic War
The Battle of the Nile
Battle of the Nile
French Sail of the Line in the Napoleonic Wars (1792-1815)

Battle of Pulo Aura
Battle of Cape Finisterre (1805)
List of naval battles
Battle of San Domingo
Battle of Trafalgar

Weapons and Equipment

Napoleonic Era Artillery Tactics
Napoleonic Artillery


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Napoleonic literature in electronic format
Napoleonic Wars Series


Units and Associations

33rd Regiment

War Leaders

Napoleon Bonaparte - Emperor of the French
Horatio Nelson


Medals and Uniforms

French Napoleonic Headdress
Flags and standards of the Napoleonic period
The Battle of Waterloo uniforms, arms, equipment and training

Memorials and Museums
Preserving History

Napoleonic Wars Reenactments
Napoleonic Wars Timeline
Napoleonic War Re-Enactment Units


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