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Land Warfare


US 1st Armorred Div and VII Corp

Order of Battle for 1st Arm Cav Div, USA
US Army Units Deployed
OoB Marine Corps Expeditionary Force
42nd Field Artillery Brigade in Desert Storm
Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait
Order of Battle for VII Corps
Order of Battle for XVIII Airborne Corps
432nd Civil Affairs Company, 1990-1991
British Ground Force in the Gulf War
Operation Desert Storm 1991
British Units - All three services
Iraq Ground Forces Order of Battle - 1991
Provisional Iraq Army Order of Battle
S.A.S. scud hunting in Iraq - Scud Hunting
The SAS Operations in the Gulf
Marine Corps Units
Order of Battle for Joint Forces Group
Medina Division (Armored) - Iraqi
Operation Granby - UK Forces
4th Armoured Brigade - Operation Granby
Gulf War - Operation Granby - Home Page
205 (Scottish) Gen Hospital RAMC Riyadh
1 Field Lab and Biological Warfare Detection


101st Airborne Division in the Gulf War
US Marines in the Gulf War
The Epic Little Battle of Khafji
Battle of Khafji - Wikipedia
Spirit 03 and the Battle for Khafji
Battle of Khafji
Battle of 73 Easting
Probing a Slaughter - Battle of 73 Easting
Personal Account - 73 Easting
Battle of Medina Ridge
US troops battle elite Iraqi guard
Battle of Medina Ridge
Battle of Norfolk
1st Infantry Division (Mech)
Friendly-fire Incidents
Battle of Al Busayyah
The ground Campaign
The Battle of Al Busayyah
SAS The gulf war, special air service
The SAS Operations in the Gulf
Fratricide at Umm Hajul


Air Warfare

Coalition Aircraft Combat Attrition Fog of War - Analysis
Air Power:The Gulf War
British Units - All three services
Battles & Battle Honours
US Air Force Units
Air Forces, Central Command (CENTAF)
Desert Storm - The Electronic Battle
Desert Storm - The Electronic Battle
Evaluation of the Air Campaign
The Air Campaign
Air Operations: Operation Granby - Overview
Operation Granby RAF


Tornado GR1 bombs a building with a laser guided bomb

Naval Warfare

The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf
British Units - All three services
War Chronology: January 1991 US Navy
The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf
US Navy Warships In Gulf War
Marine Corps Units
Carrier Air Wings Deployed
OoB Marine Corps Expeditionary Force
Order of Battle for CENTCOM Naval Forces
US Navy Combat Systems
US Marines in the Gulf War


Weapons and Equipment

Military Systems in Desert Storm
A-10 Warthog Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank
M1A1 Main Battle Tank
"Lucky War": third army in Desert Storm


Images, Maps, Documents, Audio

Oral History - The major Figures
Wars Stories from combatants
US Declassified Documents
American Gulfwar Veterans Association
Photos USAAF
Photos Gulf War
Report to Congress: Conduct of the GW
Report: Committee on Armed Services HR
Desert Storm Pictures
Gulf War - Photo Gallery
Battle Maps
Hoskinson's Gulf War Photo Gallery
The Unseen Gulf War by Peter Turnley
Desert Storm Gallery
Gulf War Photo Index
Gulf War Photographs
Desert Storm Photos
William R. Coker's Photos from the Gulf War


XVIII Airborne Corps History Photos
Gulf War Photo Gallery
Joseph Dicola, 253rd TRANS. CO.
Kuwaite Photos
Iraq Maps
Desert Shield & Storm - PowerPoint slides
Maps: battle of 73 easting
Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Pictures


Units and Associations

15th Forward Support Battalion


War Leaders

Hussein, Saddam


Schwarzkopf, H. Norman
General Sir Peter de la Billiere


Medals and Uniforms

UK General Service Medal 1962 and Bars
Canada Gulf and Kuwait Medal
Gulf Medal UK
Southwest Asia Service Medal USA
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
Gulf War Military Awards


Memorials and Museums

Gulf War Memorial
Veterans Memorial ods_BlockOne


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