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Timeline - (1095-1291)
Crusades Timeline
Short History of the Crusades
Crusade - Wikipedia
Crusades Timeline
Crusade: background information
The Crusades - Overview
Crusades and Pilgrimages
Crusades - Overview
The Crusades - Summary
The Crusades - Brief
Chronology of the Crusades
The Crusades in the Levant (1097-1291)
The Holy Crusades
Crusades ORB Online Encyclopedia
The Crusaders in Mainz, May 27, 1096
Timeline of the Crusades (1071-1291)
The Real History of the Crusades
THE CRUSADES (1100s and 1200s)
The Crusades, 1095-1291
General Crusades History
The Crusades: A History (1095-1291)

The Abligensian Crusades (1209-1255)
A Humanist Vision regarding the Fourth Crusade ...
Lebanon and The Crusades

The Battle over the Crusades
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The Saladin Tax
Women and the Crusades
The Crusades: Eschatological lemmings
Evolution of Crusader Privileges, 1095-1270
Ransoming Captives

!st Crusade

Ill-Fated Crusade of the Poor People
Climax of the First Crusade
The First Battle of the First Crusade: Dorylaeum, 1097
The Crusaders Capture Jerusalem, 1099
On the Opening of the First Crusade

2nd Crusade

Osbernus: De expugnatione Lyxbonensi, 1147
Richard The Lionheart Massacres The Saracens, 1191
The Templars and the Battle of Hattin

3rd Crusade

Third Crusade - Wikipedia

Labrynith: online medieval history resources
Medieval Sourcebook: Crusades
Online Reference Book Crusades bibliography
Dark Legacy - war began with one man's ambition
Medieval Sourcebook - Crusades


Land Warfare

Medieval Siege Warfare
Richard The Lionheart Massacres
Saladin, Richard I and the Third Crusade
Battles of the Crusading Era
Battle of Arsuf
Battles of the Crusades - Wikipedia
Battles of the Crusading Era: Crusades
The Battle over the Crusades
Battle over the Crusades
The Siege and Capture of Nicea 1097
Battles of the Crusades
The Capture of Jerusalem, 1099
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Map - Crusades
Crusade Maps
Speech at Council of Clermont, 1095
Medieval Sourcebook: The Crusades
Fourth and Later Crusades Map
Jerusalem during the Crusades Map
Second and Third Crusades Map


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Order of the Knights Templar
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War Leaders

Richard 1
Richard I Coeur de Lion
Richard I, Salah al-Din and the Knights Templar
Saladin — Salah al-Din al-Ayubbi
Emperor Alexius Comnenus
Anna Comnena
Pope Clement VI
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Pope Innocent III
King Louis IX of France
King Richard I of England
Tancred de Hauteville
Pope Urban II
Melisende Queen of Jerusalem
Shagrat al-Durr


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