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Naval Warfare

Civil War Navies

U.S. Civil War Navies
Civil War Naval Warfare
Confederate States Navy -   Museum, Library and Research Institute - Mobile, Alabama
Confederate Navy Collections Index -   Library of Virginia Digital Collections
Naval and Maritime
Maritime History Virtual Archives
Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, The
Naval War: The American Civil War 
Civil War Navies - Gabe Central
Navies in the War of the Rebellion - Civil War Navy Dispatches
United States Navy - The Website
The US Navy in the Civil War: Western Theatre -   The "Brownwater Fleet"

The Ironclads

Naval Operations

Sinking of the Steamship SULTANA  
Ships of the Confederate States Navy - an Index - FTP Site
Smith's Master Index of North American
Some Civil War Action - Wakulla County Florida - St Marks, Florida

Naval Vessels

Ships of the American Civil War - List Compiled from Official Records
Civil War Naval Forces Index -    by Ken Jones - Confederate and Union Ships
Civil War Naval Forces - Confederate Ships -   by Ken Jones - History, Illustrations, Notes
Index to Ships of the Confederate States Navy - FTP Site
Civil War Naval Forces - Union Ships -   by Ken Jones- History, Illustrations, Notes
Naval Ships During The Civil War
Naval Ships During The Civil War - by Ship Type

The Cumberland and the Merrimac - Tom Roush

Coast Defense Forts of New England
Deaths In the Union Navy
Nautical Terms and Phrases - Their Origin and Meaning
Norfolk Naval Ship Yard
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Seaway's Ships in Scale Magazine - for Ship Modelers
Tippecanoe Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
Traditions, Customs and Terminology of our Naval Heritage
US Marine Detachment, Washington Navy Yard - 1859-1865
Marine Detachment - Washington Navy Yard - Marines in the Civil War
Kearsarge After Guard & Marine Detachment
Texas Marine Department, CSN
Sultana: Death on the Dark River
Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War
The Fort Page

The Untold Story of the C.S.S. Virginia

Weapons and Equipment

Civil War Artillery Sites
Torpedo History
Civil War Torpedo Mines

Civil War musket shooting demo

Coastal Monitors - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
Ironclads and Blockade Runners
St Louis' Ships of Iron - The Ironclads and   Monitors from Carondelet and St. Louis, Missouri
Navy Monitors - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
The "New Navy" Monitors -   Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
River Monitors - Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
Civil War Gunboat in Chicod Creek - ECU Students Study

Cannon Fire

Images, Maps, Documents, Audio

Civil War Timeline Battle Map Pictures
Selected Civil War Photographs
Civil War Maps - The Library of Congress Modern Images
Photographic images of the Confederate American
U.S. Civil War Center -- Civil War Photographs
George Brinton McClellan Biography
Civil War Biographies
Rare Map Collection - The American Civil War
American Civil War Maps
Civil War Image Map
Antietam Images Gallery  - Antietam pictures
Civil War Clipart
War Photos - Free Confederate Clip Art Gallery
Confederate Clip Art Gallery
Confederate Clipart
Civil War Image Gallery
Confederate BattleFlags
Free Clipart and Jpegs
Historic Horses in Clipart
Historical Picture Collections
Military Art Selected Civil War Photographs,1861-1865
Shareware Civil War Images
US Civil War Center Image Page - Art, Images, Maps and Multimedia Victorian Animated GIFs
War Art and Photographs of the Civil War
USS Cairo Photo Album
Powder Monkey Productions - GunBoats
Fort Sumter Battle - The Attack on Fort Sumter - Includes Generals' reports

Medical Directors Reports
Miscellaneous Reports
Antietam - The Lost Images
Chattanooga, Battle of  - in Photographs
Gettysburg Battlefield, Panoramic Photos of the

District of  Columbia
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
Virginia 1861
Virginia 1862
Virginia 1863

Virginia 1864
Virginia 1865
West Virginia

Units and Associations

Union Corp Histories

1st Corps
2nd Corps

3rd Corps

4th Corps
-  Army of the Potomac
4th Corps
-  Army of the Cumberland 5th Corps
6th Corps

7th Corps
- Virginia
7th Corps
- Arkansas
8th Corps

9th Corps

10th Corps

11th Corps

12th Corps

13th Corps

14th Corp

15th Corps
16th Corps

17th Corps
18th Corps
19th Corps

20th Corps
- McCook
20th Corps
- Hooker
21st Corps
22nd Corps

23rd Corps

24th Corps

25th Corps

Cavalry Corps
-  Army of the Potomac
Cavalry Corps -  Armies of the West

Regimental History

Corps De Afrique - 30 organizations
US Colored Troops - 186 organizations
US Regular Army - 86 organizations
US Veteran Reserve Corps - 212 organizations
US Veteran Volunteers - 10 organizations
US Volunteer Indian Troops - 4 organizations
US Volunteers - 10 organizations

2nd Regiment of Cavalry, California Volunteers

US Civil War Regimental Histories Index
Irish Units in the American Civil War
Confederate States, Regimental Histories
Confederate Engineers in the American Civil Wa
The 8th Texas Cavalry, C. S. A.

Naval Units

USS Baron De Kalb
USS Constellation - The Last Surviving Ship of the Civil War
USS Harvest Moon - Flagship of the  South Atlantic Blockading Squadron

CSS Albemarle
CSS Alabama - History - US Naval Historical Center 
CSS Arkansas - Colonel Robert G. Shaver Camp 1655, SCV
CSS Arkansas - History -
CSS Hunley Page - National Park Service Ask a Question Form
CSS Neuse - North Carolina's Ironclad
CSS Neuse State Historic Site - North Carolina's Ironclad
CSS Virginia, Screw Frigate - ex Merrimack 
CSS Virginia Home Page

War Leaders

Lists of General

Generals of the Civil War
US Civil War Generals
The Generals of the American Civil War
Stonewall Jackson Civil War Confederate General
Civil War Leaders
Brevet Union Generals of the Civil War
Civil War Generals on the Web
Confederate Generals and Political Leaders
Confederate Generals Buried in Louisiana
Confederate Generals of Kentucky 
General Officers of the Civil War
Brevet Union Generals of the Civil War
Civil War Generals on the Web
Confederate Generals and Political Leaders
Confederate Generals Buried in Louisiana
Confederate Generals of Kentucky 
General Officers of the Civil War
US Generals A-Z 

Generals by Name

JEB Stuart Website
Joseph Johnston
- Southern General
Roderick: The General's Mount
William Wing Loring
Brigadier General Basil Duke, CSA
Brigadier General Henry Gray
Brigadier General James Johnston Pettigrew, CSA
Brigadier General John A. Rawlins, USA
Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan, USA
Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead, CSA
General Alpheus Williams, USA
General AP Hill, CSA
General John Aaron Rawlins - US Grant's Aide de Camp

General John Bell Hood, CSA
General John F. Reynolds
General John Hunt Morgan, CSA
General Nathan Bedford Forrest
General PGT Beauregard

General Robert E. Lee: Civil War General
General Robert E. Lee, CSA
General Robert E. Lee, CSA
General Robert E Lee, Virginia's

TeacherTube - General Robert E. Lee

General Samuel Cooper, CSA 

General William Tecumseh Sherman
General William Tecumseh Sherman

Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA
Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA

Major Gen Edward 'Alleghany' Johnson, CSA
Major General Fitz John Porter, Court-Martial
Major General George B. McClellan

Major General George E. Pickett, CSA
Major General George E. Pickett, CSA

Major General George Gordon Meade Archive
Major General George H. Thomas, USA
Major General John Fulton Reynolds, USA 
Major General Sterling Price, CSA
Major General Winfield Scott Hancock, USA

Major General WT Sherman
Major General WT Sherman's Special Order #34

General US Grant in Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Ulysses S. Grant Camp, # 68
Ulysses S. Grant Home Page - Extensive
Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site - St Louis, Missouri
Ulysses S Grant Network
White Haven - Ulysses S. Grant Home -
 National Historic Site St. Louis, Missouri


Medals and Uniforms

Naval Traditions: Names of Ranks - The Story behind the Titles

Civil War Minutes Part 35 - Confederate General's Coat

Union Forces

Ranks, insignia and uniforms of the Union Army

Confederate Forces

Ranks, insignia and uniforms of the Confederate Army


Flags of the Confederacy
Civil War Flags of Illinois
Confederate Flags
CSA Flags
Fight for the Colors - Ohio Civil War Battle Flags
Flag of the United States
Flags of the Confederate State Army
Flags of the Confederate States of America
4th Texas Battleflags
Iowa Battle Flags
Iowa Battle Flags - Another Website
Michigan Battle Flags 
Presentation of Civil War Flags to the State, July 4, 1866
Regimental Battleflags of the Southern States
Symbols of Honor: Civil War Flags
Union Army Corp Battle Flags
Confederate Flags of the American Civil War
CSA Flags
American Civil War Flags

Memorials and Museums

African American Civil War Memorial Museum
Battles sites
The Museum of the Confederacy
National Civil War Association
National Park Service History: - Military: Civil War
American Civil War Association
The Civil War Preservation Trust
Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation
Heritage preservation Society
Civil War Parks
Battles of Virginia
Civil War Virtual Battlefield Tours
Confederate Memorial Museum & Cemetery Oklahoma
Fredericksburg Battlefield Virtual Tour  
National Parks

Civil War Monuments

Ulysses S Grant Association
General Nathan Bedford Forrest's Headquarters
General John A. Logan Museum and Interpretive Center - USA
General James Longstreet Society
General Nathan Bedford Forrest's Headquarters
General Grant National Memorial - New York

Save the Franklin Battlefield
Antietam National Battlefield
Appomattox Court House National Historical Park
Arlington House/The Robert E. Lee Memorial
Bentonville Battleground -   Bentonville, Johnston County, North Carolina
Britton Lane Battlefield Association - Tennessee
Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park - West Virginia
Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation - Middletown, Virginia
Center for Fort Preservation and Tourism

Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park - West Virginia
Fort Sumter National Monument

Fort Blakeley, Historic - Alabama
Fort Union National Monument Home Page - Watrous, New Mexico
Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Home Page
- Vancouver, WA
Fort Washington Park
- Fort Washington, Maryland
Harpers Ferry National Historic Park 
Harper's Ferry National Historical Park Virtual Visitor Center

Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance
Staunton River Battlefield State Park Stirling Plantation, Battle of - Louisiana
Yazoo Naval Preservation Foundation -  Mississippi
USS Cairo - USS Cairo Museum, Vicksburg National Military Park
US Naval Shipbuilding Museum
US Naval Academy Museum
Underwater Archaeology Branch - US Naval Historical Center
Underwater Archaeology Projects - Florida State University
Sultana Association, The
Submerged Cultural Resources Unit - National Park Service
South Street Seaport Museum - New York, New York
Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center and Museum
Denbigh Project -   Archeology of a Civil War Blockade Runner
Exploration of the Phoenix Wreck via FSU 
The Mariner's Museum - Newport News, Virginia
Maritime Museum Resources
General Sweeny's Civil War Museum - Branson, Missouri
The California Military Museum

Confederate Burials In Arlington National Cemetery

Preserving History - Civil War Reenactors

Civil War Reenactor Units

Mixed Units - Confederacy and Union

6th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment US/CS - AL
64th Illinois & 2nd Georgia Sharpshooters - GA, Civil War sharpshooters
Civil War Reenactors Home Page - Discusses reenacting and as a forum
53rd Pennsylvania Vol. Infantry & 18th NC Troops

Gettysburg Civil War reenactment footage


54th. Mass. Volunteer Infantry Reenactors
8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Cleveland, Ohio
3rd Regiment. Inf, Maryland Volunteers - Ohio, part of the National Regiment
2nd and 4th U.S. Infantry “Sykes’ Regulars
1st Maryland Volunteer Infantry
9th PA Reserves Co C & 1st PA Light Artillery
96th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry - Pennsylvania
1st Pennsylvania Reserves, Co. K - Pennsylvania
5th New York Volunteer Infantry - "Duryée's Zouaves" Alexandria VA
6th New Hampshire Volunteers Co E, "The Bully Sixth" - New Hampshire
14th Connecticut Vol. Infantry - Cobalt, CT
116th Pennsylvania Vol. Infantry - Pittsburgh
119th New York Volunteer Infantry - New York State
The National Regiment - Made up of individual independant units
Gettysburg Reenactment - Large scale reenactment July 2008 - Gettysburg
Tom Apple's Living History - 18th&19th Century Reenactment Groups
2nd California Cavalry Company F - CA
116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Co D - Southern California
2d Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment - CT
18th Regiment U.S. Infantry - GA
Third Iowa Cavalry - IA
12th Illinois Cavalry Co. F - IL
10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - IL
Battery G , 2nd Illinois Light Artillery - IL
6th Indiana Vol. Inf. Co.A - South Central Indiana  
Cumberland Guard - IN


German Light Artillery - North Charleston SC
58th AL INF. CO. F - 28 - Alexandria/Calhoun Co., Alabama
Fourth Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment
The 31st Alabama and 17th Iowa Reenactors - AL
33rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment Civil War Reenactor - AL
14th Alabama Infantry Regiment ( Fourteenth Alabama ) - AL
1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment, Company D - AR
10th Virginia Company "B" "Rockingham Rifles" - DE
Confederate States Marine Corp. Company "A" - FL
Leon Rifles - 2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company D - FL
Gulf State Guards 2nd FL Co F CSA Infantry - FL
Co K 28th Ga Inf Regiment - FL
Lexington Rifles - Co. A, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry - IA, WI, IL
6th Kentucky Infantry, Co. C - KY


Mackinaw River Valley Civil War Reenactors - IL

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