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Confederate POW Camps for Union Soldiers

Andersonville Civil War Prison
Andersonville National Historic Site - National Park Service
Andersonville National Historic Site - History and Archaeology
Blackshear Civil War Prison - Pierce County, GA
Cahaba Federal Prison, CSA - Selma, Alabama
Camp Ford - A Visit to Camp Ford
Camp Ford - Handbook of Texas Online
Camp Ford - Smith County Historical Society
Camp Ford - Texas History
Camp Ford, Texas - Camp Ford Organization
Camp Ford, Texas - Site Photos
Camp Ford, Texas- The 48th Ohio
Camp Ford Prison -
Castle Morgan
Charleston Race Course Prison Dead, SC - Union POWsCastle Sorghum
Columbia Military Prison
Florence National Cemetery
Florence Stockade History
Florence Stockade, Friends of the - Florence, South Carolina
Fort Pulaski - Savannah, Georgia - NPS
Gratiot Street Prison - St Louis, MO
Rules and Regulations of the CS Military Camps
Salisbury Prison - Salibury, North Carolina
Salisbury NC Confederate Civil War Prison 

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Arkansas Confederates who died at Rock Island
Brother's Bound - Civil War Era Prisoner of War Experience
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Civil War Prison Camps - Information Related to Family History
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Civil War Records and How to Locate your Civil War Ancestors
Confederate Dead at Rock Island, IL
Confederate Mound, Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL
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Milton Asbury Ryan, POW - Camp Douglas and Camp Chase
Ohio Prisoner of War Camp Sources
Rock Island National Cemetery

War Between the State Museum
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Xerxes Knox, Private - Prisoner at Camp Ford Texas

Union POW Camps for Confederate Soldiers

Alton in the Civil War - Alton Prison - Illinois
Baltimore Bastille - see also Ft. McHenry
Camp Butler - Springfield, Illinois
Camp Chase, Ohio
Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery
Camp Curtain Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Images of the Monument
Camp Douglas, Illinois - Prison and Training Camp
Elmira Prison Camp - History
Ft. McHenry - Baltimore, Maryland
Ft. McHenry NM HS Site Bulletins
Johnson's Island Civil War Military Prison Lake Erie, Sandusky, Ohio
Pea Patch Island, Delaware
Point Lookout, Maryland, Union Civil War Prison at
Point Lookout, Md., Prison Camp
Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization
Rock Island Prison - Illinois
Rock Island Prison Camp
Rock Island Prison Barracks - Mississippi River


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Baltimore Riot
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Land Warfare

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Battles and Campaigns

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Battles of the American Civil War Extensive
Major Battles of the Civil War 
Major Battles
Battles of the American Civil War
Chronological List of Civil War Battles
Battle Summaries by State
Civil War Battle Summaries by State
American Civil War Alphabetical List of Battles

The American Civil War Campaign

Closing in on Richmond - Confederate Capital
Battle of Chattanooga
Atlanta Campaign
Hoods 1864 Tennessee Campaign 
Battles of Georgia
Battles of South Carolina
Civil War Defenses of Washington
Shenandoah Valley Campaign of Jackson
Port Royal Expedition, South Carolina
Sherman's March through South Carolina
Siege of Petersburg, Virginia
Engagements and Battles in Missouri during the War of the Rebellion 1861-65 Index

Aiken, South Carolina, Battle of
Allatoona Pass, Battle of - Georgia

Antietam - Sharpsburg, Maryland
Carnage at Antietam, 1862

Armstrong's Hill, Tennessee

Battle of
Appomattox - Virginia
Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, Battle of

Arkansas Post, Battle of - Arkansas
Ball's Bluff - Virginia
Battery Wagner, Assault on - Order of Battle - South Carolina
Belmont, Missouri, Battle of

Big Bethel - Virginia - Battle
Bloody Bridge or "The Battle for Burdens Causeway"
-  South Carolina
Boonville, Missouri, Battle

The Battle of Boonville
Battle of Boonville
Brandy Station, Virginia, Battle of -

Order of Battle
Brice's Cross Roads, Mississippi, Battle of
Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site

Bull Run - 1st Manassas
Bull Run - 2st Manassas
Bull Run, Virginia, Battle of
Order of BattleBull Run, Virginia, Battle of - 2nd Manassas
Order of Battle
Battle of Springfield, Missouri - January 8, 1863

Cape Girardeau, Battle of - Missouri

Carnifex Ferry, Battle of - West Virginia

Cedar Creek, Battle of - Virginia

Champion's Hill - Mississippi
Champion Hill, Battle of - Mississippi
Chancellorsville - Virginia
Chancellorsville, Battle of - Virginia -
Order of Battle
Chancellorsville -- Encyclopædia Britannica

Chattanooga, Battle of - Tennessee -
Order of Battle
Chickamauga - Georgia - Battle description with ORs
Chickamauga, Battle of - Georgia -
Order of Battle
The Western Theater: Chickamauga

Coast Defense Forts of New England

Cold Harbor - Virginia - Battle description with ORs
Cold Harbor, Battle of - Virginia - Order of Battle
Battle of Cole Camp (1861)
Battle of Cole Camp - Summary and map
Corinth, Battle of - Mississippi -
Order of Battle
Corinth, Siege and Battle of - Mississippi
Cross Keys, Battle of - Virginia

Droop Mountain, Battle of - West Virginia

Fayetteville, Battle of - Arkansas
Five Forks, Battle of - Virginia

Fort DeRussy, Battle of - Louisiana
Fort Donelson - Tennessee
Fort Duffield, Battle of - Kentucky
Fort Henry, Battle of - Tennessee
Fort Pillow - Tennessee
Fort Sanders Charleston - Tennessee
Battle of Fort Sumter - South Carolina
Crisis at Fort Sumter - Background information
Ft. Sumter by William Hamilton -Overview with links
Fort Sumter Battle - The Attack on Fort Sumter - Includes Generals' reports
Franklin, Battle of - Tennessee
Fredericksburg - Virginia - Battle description with official records
Fredericksburg Battlefield Virtual Tour by Jim Schmidt
Battle of Fredericksburg - Virginia - Order of Battle
Battle of Fredericktown Missouri
General Price's Invasion of Missouri - Fall, 1864
General Price's Last Missouri Raid

The Battle of Gettysburg & The American Civil War
Gettysburg Battle - Pennsylvania
The Battle of Gettysburg - Pennsylvania
Gettysburg order of battle
The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln - Plus related links
Gettysburg Civil War - Battle information Centre
Gettysburg's "Decisive Battle" - Major Thomas Goss, U.S. Army, Ph.D

Battle of Hoke's Run - Also known as Battle of Falling Waters or Hainesville

Greenbrier River, Battle of - West Virginia
Hampton Roads
- Virginia - Battle of the Ironclads
Helena, Battle of - Arkansas
Honey Hill, Battle of
- South Carolina
Jackson, Battle of
- Mississippi - Order of Battle
Jenkin's Ferry
- Arkansas
Kennesaw Mountain, Battle of.
- Georgia
Kernstown, Battle of
- Virginia - Order of Battle
Leetown & the Battle of Elk Horn Tavern
- Missouri
Little Rock, Battle of - Arkansas
Lockridge's Mill, Battle at
Marianna, Battle of - Florida
Marks' Mills
- Arkansas
Middle Boggy, Battle of
 - Oklahoma
Mill Springs/Fishing Creek, Battle of
 - Kentucky
Monocacy - Maryland
Murfreesboro, Battle of
- Tennessee
- Tennessee
Natural Bridge, Battle of
- Florida
New Madrid and Island
- Missouri
New Market
- Virginia
Newtonia, Missouri, Battle of - September 30, 1862
Oconee River Bridge, Georgia, Battle of
Olustee, Battle of
Palmito Ranch, Battle of
- Texas
Parkers Crossroads, Battle of
- Tennessee

Pea Ridge
- Arkansas - Battle description with ORs
Pea Ridge, Battle of
- March 7-8, 1862

Peachtree Creek, Battle of
- Georgia
Perryville, Battle of
- Kentucky
Petersburg, Siege of
Pickett's Mill, Battle of - Georgia
Battle of Philippi (West Virginia) 1861

Pilot Knob
- Missouri -
Pilot Knob, Battle of
- Missouri
Pilot Knob, Battle of
- Missouri

Pleasant Hill, Battle of
- Louisiana
Poison Springs - Arkansas
Port Gibson, Battle of - Mississippi
Port Hudson, Battle of
- Louisiana

Port Royal, Battle of
- Virginia
Port Royal Ferry, Battle of - Virginia

Prarie Grove, Battle of
- Arkansas - December 7, 1862
Raymond, Battle of
- Mississippi

Red River Campaign
- Texas - Campaign description with ORs
Red River Campaign, The
- Arkansas

Resaca, Battle of
- Georgia
Ringgold Gap, Georgia, Battle of
Rogersville/Big Creek, Tennessee, Battle of
Saltville, Virginia, Battle of
Secessionville, Battle of
Seven Days' Battles
- Virginia - Battle description with ORs
Sharpsburg, Battle of
- Maryland - Order of Battle

Shiloh - aka Pittsburg Landing -   Tennessee
Shiloh, Battle of
- Tennessee - Order of Battle
Shiloh, Battle of
- Virginia
Shiloh, Battle of
- Virginia

Sol Legare Island, Battle of - South Carolina
Spotsylvania Court House
- Virginia
Staunton River, Battle of
- Virginia
Stockbridge, Battle of - Georgia

Stones River
- Tennessee
Stones River, Battle of - Tennessee

The Wilderness

Vicksburg, Battle of
- Mississippi - Order of Battle

Westport, Battle of - Missouri
Wilson's Creek
- Missouri
Wilson's Creek, Battle of
- Missouri - August 10, 1861

Civil War Armies

1st Army, General Lee
2nd Army, CSA
3rd Army CSA
Anderson's Corp, CSA

Cavalry Corp, CSA

The Union & Confederate Armies
History of the Confederate Army
Recruiting for the Confederate Army
Army Organization in the Civil War


American Civil War Infantry
Perspective - Lest We Forget

The Fort Page

Final Surrender of the Confederate Army


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